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01 October 2013

Maryland State Health Insurance Exchange is Inoperable

At 11:40 PM the Maryland State Health Insurance Exchange, sadly collaborating with the tyrannical ObamaCare mandate that individuals do not own their own bodies and minds, is unavailable.  It claims it has heavy traffic and that one should come back later.  Apparently, it have been so informing people all day.  Apparently, later is much later.  I wonder if anyone is actually able to use it at all.

It would be great if it never works, because we should all be allowed our individual right to either buy or not buy health insurance.  If we choose to buy it, we should be able to buy a plan with the coverage we want or at least those coverages freely offered by the market.  Government dictation is totally unacceptable.  Any government that interferes so fundamentally with our right to life is illegitimate and it is our duty to replace it.  See the Declaration of Independence.

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