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09 October 2013

What is Missing in the ObamaCare Car? The Chained Driver

So Obama is a used car salesman trying to sell a clunker that somehow escaped the Great Cash for Clunkers Buyout of his first term in office.  Well, I have nothing against used car salesmen in the private sector.  What is missing in this cartoon is the very critical fact that Obama is forcing us to buy this clunker.  And it is not just inoperable, but the buyer is chained to it.

Obama or any would-be tyrant like him controls the chain and they can ration our health care in any way they wish.  Obama is abrogating to himself the power to throw us under the ObamaCare car and kick out the blocks holding it up at his will.  Can you imagine the magnification of his power then?

You vota fer me or I kicka ofer these blocks!

I see you are alive and have diabetes.  Well, you pay 70% taxes or I cut off your treatment, since you have no social value unless you are paying your fair share of taxes. 

Hey, Grandma, you are too old to have social value, so we are going to stand by while you die because you cannot afford the mandated insurance that provides 10 essential health benefits you do not need and still afford treatment of your common elderly health problems.

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