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16 October 2013

Federal ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchange Website Boondoggles

The Obama administration, even more incompetent than most governments, examined the proposal of only one website developer for the ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchange.  There are very widespread reports of how difficult it is get on to get cost and benefit information from this website, how inaccurate the subsidy information is, and how difficult it is to use if you do get on it.  The Obama regime is not at all transparent in providing numbers on how many Americans have signed up for insurance on the exchanges or what the subsidies will cost the taxpayers.

Now there are reports that the Canadian company whose US subsidiary was given the contract to develop the website was criticized by the Canadian government as incompetent and unreliable.  This company had the American ObamaCare Health Insurance website developed in India using Java script, which was a cheap, but totally inadequate way to set up the website for the necessary volume of traffic.  Despite the cheap approach, the company went way over budget.  Various reports claim that between $400 and $600 million has been spent on the website which is far from capable of doing the job required.  John McAfee claims that 15 good programmers could easily have provided an adequate site for $5 million.

In addition to the fact that many people may never be able to sign up for the mandated insurance and will be hit with outrageous penalty taxes as a result, those who try to set up the required accounts before they can learn anything at all about the costs and benefits of the few mandated insurance plans allowed by our draconian, authoritarian government, risk losing everything in their bank accounts.  There are no security precautions to keep social security numbers and birth dates along with full names and addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses safe from hackers.  Imitation websites can easily be set up and induce people to provide all of this information which are actually easier to find and get on.  No one will be surprised that a fake website only takes the usual information demanded by the real websites to set up and account and then fails to give them insurance information.  That behavior would be a good copy of the real website behavior.  With that required account information, the fake website operators can quickly drain the American citizen's bank account.  What a field day for crooks!

See what John McAfee told Fox News.

For all of these risks, one gets rationed and lower quality medical care, which suppresses future medical developments and discourages good, conscientious doctors and other medical care providers.  Many of the best doctors and best hospitals are systematically excluded from the few plans operating under ObamaCare because they are deemed too expensive.  Of course there is no expense in being killed or inadequately treated by less capable or even incompetent doctors and hospitals!  Since my own father was killed by an incompetent, uncaring doctor, I recognize these costs.

It is not enough for the the Obama regime to force us to give up the ownership of our bodies and minds, the health insurance and doctors and hospitals we wish to use, and control over the benefits and costs we are willing to take in health insurance of our own free will.  No, the Obama and Democrat Socialist Rulers must also put Americans to great expense either with health insurance plans that are not suitable for them, with tax penalties, or with the danger of losing everything in their bank accounts.

The incompetence and the hubris of the tyrant is once again affirmed.  The so-called Progressive Elitists are no better than the monarchs of old, the robber barons, the fascists, the communists, and many a petty dictator or warlord.

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