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30 January 2021

The Democratic Socialists Used the Capitol Intrusion and its Associated Violence as a Reichstag Moment

The Democratic Socialists are socialists of the fascist persuasion.  Some say that cannot be because socialists are those who believe all the means of production and all property should be owned by the government.  I reject that argument.  Prior to WWII, the fascists were commonly accepted to be socialists.  They were nationalists, but there is no contradiction created by a nationalist socialism.  They did not generally believe the government should own all property or all of the means of production.  No, they were much more cunning than those Communists and the various off-shoots of Marxism.  It is very, very difficult to promote Communism in a developed society where property ownership is widespread.  It is much, much easier to promote fascism, a form of government which controls all of the means of production and all property, but leaves the pretense of ownership, along with many of its responsibilities, in the hands of the gullible or the crony allies of the government.  Fascist governments generally do form a close alliance with big businesses.  The most famous German form of fascism went by the name of the National Socialist German Workers Party.  Of course they fought a bitter street war with their primary socialist competitors, the Communists.  At the end of WWII, fascism had a generally awful reputation, so academic socialists rewrote the definition of socialism to exclude fascism.  I see no reason to accept their definition of socialism.  Total control of the means by which the People control, secure, and support their lives is socialism, whether the government takes such control by overtly owning all of the means of production and all property or not.

The Democratic Socialist Party of America has had a mix of fascist and Communist tendencies at least since the New Deal.  Many of its elite adherents had loved Mussolini in the 1920s and up until he invaded Ethiopia in 1936.  Many were Marxists and many praised the Soviet Union.  Today, most of Democratic Socialist Elite have beliefs that are a mix of fascism without the nationalist elements and woke offshoots of Marxist beliefs.  These Woke Fascists seek control of every aspect of our lives, but recognize that we Americans will not completely give up our property rights or our rights to choose aspects of how we earn a living.  They are slightly pragmatic idealists, but only slightly pragmatic.  As their stated ideal, they seek equal outcomes for everyone economically, even as they actually set up sweetheart deals with big businesses such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and others such as "green" energy companies, extreme environomentalists, abortionists, and labor union leaders who will sign on to their social programs to control the Deplorables.

The Deplorables are those who want to retain more freedom to choose their own values and to control their own lives than the Democratic Socialist Party Elite want to allow them.  Many of the Deplorables have excessive allegiance to the concept of a limited government under the Constitution as well as to the ideals of The Declaration of Independence.  They like being somewhat self-reliant and self-responsible.  This cannot be allowed.  The Swamp Creatures cannot prosper to extent of their dreams if this is tolerated.

So the Swamp Creatures launched attack after attack upon the President elected as the Deplorables rebelled against their modified fascist program of subjugation in the 2016 election.  One false accusation after another was created out of whole cloth by the Swamp Creatures centered upon the Democratic Socialist Party leaders, but also including many Never Trumpers who found that they could not exercise their usual power lust within a Republican administration under Trump.  There are plenty of fascists in the Republican Party also, though they are commonly rather less rabid in their quest for power.  These fascist allies reframed Trump's tendency to exaggerate into a strong commitment to constant lying.  They made up a claim that he was a stooge of Putin, then that he was wrong to seek to investigate the corrupt use of power by Biden and his family when Biden was Vice President, and now they claim he encouraged an insurrection to overthrown the "democratically elected" government.

The insurrection charge rests on the unauthorized mass entry of Americans into the Capitol building, property damage done there, violence against the police brought in late to deal with the intruders, and the fears of some Congress people and their staffs.  This was a riot, but it was not one incited by Trump, though it did include some who voted for him, along with some Antifa and some idiots who just love being involved in anything that gives them an excuse for violence.  Antifa is usually tolerated by the left, but it is essentially a nihilist group that has nothing to do with the followers of Trump and does not even like Biden.  They are against everything, except chaos.

The Elitist Socialists and Swamp Creators spent the last four years dreaming up ways to wrest control of the country from the Deplorables who elected their nemesis, Trump, President.  While claiming he was a liar, they repeatedly told the huge whopper that Trump was responsible for every death by Covid-19.  They claimed he was destroying the planet with his refusal to accept their anti-science catastrophic man-made global warming failed hypothesis.  They proclaimed him and all of his voters to be racists, even as Trump took great pride in the fact that so-called Blacks and Hispanics benefited far more from the booming economy under his administration prior to the onset of Covid-19 than they had under Obama/Biden and under Bush.  They claimed he was anti-LGBT, despite his long working history with LGBT people, his opposition to the Obama-backed DOMA and DADT, his appointment of Ric Grenell to be Ambassador to Germany and then his Director of National Intelligence, and his worldwide program to end discrimination against LGBTs.  In addition to their crazy attacks on him, they schemed up ways to run an unconstitutional election that would open up innumerable means to count illegitimate votes.  The result was that the unconstitutional election changes did result in untold illegitimate votes and that very likely resulted in the declaration that Biden was the winner.

An unconstitutionally elected president whose party was also undeniably commited to vote fraud is on very shaky grounds.  Much of the power of the presidency depends upon the freely given consent of the governed.  A constitutional election is the means by which legitimate consent of the People is determined.  The Deplorables did not give that consent.  They may well have been in the majority.  They most certainly do not believe that the election was a valid one and they are right.  In the USA, an unconstitutional election is not a legitimate election.

The Democratic Socialist Party Elite and Swamp Creatures know that they came to victory and total power by chicanery.  The Deplorables know this too.  The Democratic Socialist Party Elite and the Swamp Creatures are very uneasy and feel very threatened.  They used the Capitol intrusion as their Reichstag moment.  They brought in 25,000 National Guard troops in their fear of the People.  Then they grilled those troops, whom many had earlier called Storm Troopers back when leftist riots and violence were the norm in many cities they controlled, to find troops who were strong Trump supporters and remove them.  They are afraid.  Their fear is the cause of the rapidly developed effort to discriminate against the Deplorables in employment and in every social manner they can.  They have stampeded.  They forgot that they are supposed to turn the heat up slowly on the frog Deplorables so they will not jump out of the pot.  Their mad and inept dash for power may well prove to be their undoing in the next election.  They have been too overt in their power lust.

The Deplorables are in for a hard time.  They had better become more familiar with the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional safeguards for their freedoms.  They need to do a better job of defending their many and broad rights as individuals, if they want to maintain their ability to choose their own values and to manage their own lives.  Those idiot Socialist Elitists and Swamp Creatures do not care about your lives.  They think you are worthless people.  They claim you are all racists, though their own claim is clearly racist.  They claim every "white" person is privileged and a racist.  Most of you know you are not racists.  Most of you know you are worthy enough to choose your own values and to manage your own life.  Most of you know that those power-lusting Woke-Fascist Elitists are utterly wrong in claiming they can improve your lives by dictating your actions from Washington.  So do not let these Woke-Fascist fools get away with their evil power-grab.  Make the effort to maintain your individuality and the integrity and efficacy of your own mind.  There is no higher purpose in life.

Note:  I use Deplorables the way the Patriots called themselves Yankee Doodle Dandies in response to the British effort to put them down with a drinking song calling them such during the American Revolution.  Throw it at them.  Throw it forcefully.

25 January 2021

Should the Deplorables Respect the Swamp Creature Declared Winner of an Unconstitutional Election?

The Chief Executive of the federal government is the highest elected officeholder in the great and exceptional United States of America.  The USA is great and exceptional because it is the first government ever established with the aim of being a legitimate government.  Governments achieve legitimacy only to the extent that they protect the exercise of the many and broad rights of the individual.  These rights accrue to every individual, which was recognized in our Declaration of Independence, yet denied initially in our otherwise quite great Constitution.  We had to fight a horribly bloody Civil War to  recognize everyone's basic right of self-ownership.  Unfortunately, the ideology of socialism, whether Marxist or Fascist or a mix of both with other strains of socialism, continues to limit the self-ownership of the individual.  ObamaCare was a dramatic example of our government limiting self-ownership, with its claims of shared healthcare responsibility and its limits on what health insurance we were allowed to purchase for the maintenance of our own life and health.  Most recently, we have been reminded that the primary socialist party in the USA does not honor the right of each and every citizen to have one and only one vote in a federal election undiluted by illegitimate votes.

Respect is absolutely due a President who uses his best effort to cause the federal government to pursue policies that protect the exercise of the many and broad rights of every individual.  A President worthy of respect would battle foreign powers bent on using force against Americans, domestic gangs and individuals who initiate the use of force to take what they want from others, and those presumptuous government officials who believe it is their right to use the monopoly of force held by government to hurt some of the people or many of the people.  Any society of significant size harbors evil people who  use force to make other people do their will.  Some do so claiming to do it for the good of others.  Some are simply uninhibited in their own wants.  We know this to be historically true.  We know this to be presently true.

Today, in America, it is those called the Deplorables who by and large assert their self-ownership, their right to choose their own values, and their right to manage their own lives.  They have a greater sense of self-responsibility than do the socialists.  The Deplorables do not want the heavy boot of government upon their necks.  They almost entirely work in the private sector.

Opposing them are the Socialist Elitists, who are sure they have the right to use the force of govenment to claim at least substantial ownership of every American, to indoctrinate and program Americans to accept heavy government rule using their monopoly on education and control of massive government contracts and welfare programs, and to regulate with a heavy hand virtually every economic activity of the People.  These Socialist Elitists gravitate to positions in education, media, lobbies, and government.  Those in government settle in comfortably into its myriad agencies and official positions.  The lobbyists fill law firms, promotion and publicist firms, professional groups, environmental groups, animal rights groups, firms promoting the interests of foreign powers, defense companies, alternative energy companies, and labor union leadership positions.  Almost all educators work in government-run schools or colleges highly dependent upon government grants and student loans and scholarships.  The media, whether print, broadcast or Internet based, want the power to control the news that gets to the People.  They choose what is newsworthy and put the spin on it that suits them.  Controlling information and its access is their game.  While the term swamp creatures is usually applied to those Socialist Elitists in government and lobbying positions, it ought to also include educators, media workers, and the many special interest groups that thrive on government money or laws biased to their special interests.

One of the Granddaddies of all Swamp Creatures is Joe Biden, the beneficiary of the highly unconstitutional election of 2020.  The unconstitutional nature of the election was assiduously planned and worked for by the Democratic Socialist Party that so craves power and harbors the great majority of the worst Swamp Creatures.  The unconstitutional election rule changes, which violated the election laws passed by the state legislatures as empowered by the Constitution, were generally designed to enable radical Democratic Socialist Party groups to cast the votes of the dead, non-citizens, those who had moved from a prior address, felons who had lost the right to vote, massive numbers of mailed ballots that never reached the addresses they were mailed to, and simply printed ballots pretending to be mailed-in ballots.  This power-lusting party arranged to prevent observers adequate access and viewing to monitor the nefarious activities at many of the ballot counting facilities under the control of the Democratic Socialist Party.  One does not do this if one is not cheating.  One does not do this if one has confidence in Americans to make a good democratic choice of their President.  But if you want desperately to put the non-campaigning, granddaddy of all Swamp Creatures into the Presidency, you do not want to have a democratic election protected by constitutional requirements.  And who cares about earning the respect of the American People when all you want is the right to Lord it over them.

The Socialist Elitists are those who lust for power over the American People and for the money they can extract from the productive work of the Americans in the private sector who are more harmed by government than helped by it.  The Deplorables serve as the hosts upon whom the Swamp Creature Parasites thrive.  Interestingly, many of the Socialist Elites defame the Deplorables because they understand the ignominy of being a parasite dependent upon its host.  These are the knowingly evil ones.  Of course, others are so deluded with their claims that they hurt the many for the benefit of the few weak, that they claim this as a badge of honor.  They resent anyone who attempts to strip this justification for their evil acts from them.  The Deplorables who would deny them the use of force to benefit the few weak are hated for depriving them of an easily attained and unjustified sense of virtue.  An act of virtue one gets credit for, which costs you little since you transfer the costs of others, is hard to give up.

Trump Derangement Syndrome -- the state of mind when a claimed Elitist is denied his false sense of morality and largely revealed as a parasite by a very self-assured critic determined to reduce the power of government to interfere with the People managing their own lives.  The Liberator is strongly resented.

I will grant that President Trump does not seem to be entirely self-assured as a man, but he was generally self-assured that those who view themselves as the Elite did not have the right to micro-manage the lives of Americans.  He reduced taxes and regulations to allow productive work to blossom to the absolute horror of the Elitists.  He was determined to control the borders so that the laws on immigration and nationalization were obeyed. He opposed the destruction of the carbon-based fuel industries.  He was an advocate for American manufacturing, while the Democrats continued to view manufacturers as rapists of Gaia and wished to chase them out of the country with a proliferation of highly irrational regulations.  He opposed the Elitist claim that China should be treated as a Most Favored Nation.  He was forthright about China's role in exporting its coronavirus and was critical about its human rights violations.  He recognized China's increased belligerence and determination to dominate the world militarily.  He pushed NATO members to live up to their commitments.   He favored the building of safe pipelines to deliver fuel around the country and to our ports.  He spoke up against violations of constitutional elections, while the Elitists and Swamp Creatures are counting on those violations to keep them in power even after the People will rise against them in the next election for their use of power excesses.  Because of these actions, the American economy had boomed prior to the advent of the Chinese Communist Party coronavirus invasion.  Black and Hispanic Americans had been the greatest beneficiaries of this booming economy.  President Trump took particular pride in their increased prosperity.

The Socialist Elitists responded to the Liberator's efforts with desperate claims he was a rascist and those who voted for him were also.  They claimed the Liberator was a despot and some kind of fascist.  They twice voted to impeach him on false charges. Their claims were indeed deranged, but they were widely believed in academia, the media, and in government.  This belief was near universal in the Democratic Socialist Party, which is not at all democratic, but is highly socialist.  The Republican Party also has its denizens of government power who opposed the Liberator's efforts.  National Review, The Bulwark, The Lincoln Project, The American Prospect, and a host of ex-officials who loved doing business in Washington the way it used to be done.  Even many Libertarians and Objectivists joined with the oppositon to the Liberator's efforts because he did not believe in open borders, free trade with thieves and slaveholders who were arming to the teeth for future wars of aggression, and traditional decorum.  Some even said they opposed him because he did not have sufficient trust in the foreign policy and intelligence advisors, despite the track record of their past decisions.  This included the backing many of them gave to the first nefarious attempt to impeach Trump and to the first successful attempt to impeach him on false grounds.  The Liberator was too disruptive for many Libertarians and Objectivists, who apparently have become traditionalists, or should we say conservatives, who would rather pursue a course of on-going compromise with the Socialist Elitists than be so disruptive as to do actual battle with them.

Should the Deplorables respect the swamp creature declared the winner of the unconstitutional 2020 presidential election?  Most certainly not.  Respect of the President is dependent upon the context that the President is actually trying to uphold his oath of office to protect the Constitution.

That context assumes the President actually believes in the principles of the Declaration of Independence, which Joe Biden has explicitly stated holds no role in American law.  If the Constitution is not held to be the instrument by which the federal government is held accountable to the principles of the Declaration of Independence, then one can understand the train of abuses of our Constitution that the Democratic Socialist Party is particularly determined to pursue.  It becomes easy for them to ignore the enumeration of the very limited powers of the government.  Unbounded by the principles of the Declaration of Independence, they re-interpret clause after clause of the Constititution to enlarge the powers of government.  The taxation power to fund the enumerated powers becomes an excuse to make any law as long as it includes a tax, as made clear by Supreme Court Justice Roberts' ruling on ObamaCare.  The regulation of commerce, intended to make the entire USA a free market for trade, is converted into a means to prevent those in the private sector from trading freely with one another.  The statement that the Constitution was intended to provide for the welfare of the People by ensuring their liberties, became a justification for any act said to be for their welfare, even as that act deprived individuals of their rights.  Even the principle of the Declaration of Independence that a legitimate government must have the consent of the governed is ignored by the Socialist Elitists.

Joe Biden has fully and willingly embraced these abuses.  This is the most solid of reason to deny this man any respect at all, let alone that measure of respect one would grant a man honestly trying to perform his duties as President of the United States of America.  To top this off, Biden is a long-time crime syndicate head.  He has abused his lifetime of public offices by selling his hold on government power to special interests, including the Russian faction in Ukraine and the Chinese Communist Party in Red China.  After Hilary Clinton's defeat, Joe Biden took a job at the University of Pennsylvania as the non-teaching Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor at a salary of $900,000 to lead the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington, DC funded by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  The Penn Biden Center was a transition depot for a number of Biden appointees, all of whom are tainted by its funding source.  Not too surprisingly, Biden has failed to recognize the great harm the CCP did in exporting its coronavirus to the rest of the world.  Biden believes that more trade with Red China is a wonderful thing.  This man is not only a power-luster, but he is knowingly willing to hurt America to further his family's wealth.

The Office of the President depends on the respect of the American People for much of its power.  Withhold that respect from Joe Biden.  He does not deserve it.  In fact, given his and his party's long train of abuses, we are obligated to oppose his program adamently in every case in which it erodes our freedom to exercise our many and broad individual rights.  For my part, I will honor those who stand with me on the bulwarks to defend our individual rights.

07 January 2021

Governments derive their Just Powers from the Consent of the Governed

 "We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness -- That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, at to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.  Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed.  But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security."

This quote from our Declaration of Independence directly addresses the purposes of a legitimate government founded in those purposes and upon the consent of the governed.  This great document is actually the foundation upon which our Constitution rests.  It advises the People to exercise prudence in overthrowing their government, but it also advises them that it is their duty to do so when that government develops a history revealing an attempt to place the People under an absolute Despotism.  Joe Biden explicitly and forcefully denied that the Declaration of Independence plays a legal role in our government.  He has clearly stated that he does not believe in the principles set forth in our Declaration of Independence.  His reason --- he has always been bent upon a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations.

Before the American Colonies rose up in rebellion against Great Britain, its Parliament, and its King, the People spent a decade during which at first only a few and then slowly growing numbers of them defied the government.  They tarred and feathered tax collectors, they smuggled goods, they armed themselves, and they manufactured goods at least in small quantities that they were told they had to buy from Great Britain.  They had no say in the selection of the members of the Parliament, which was quite absolutely controlled by those who saw themselves as the Elite and saw the colonists as the Primitives (Read Deplorables).

The leadership of the Democratic Socialist Party and many of its voters see themselves as the Elitists who by right should govern and control the lives of most Americans, who they call the Deplorables if they are in opposition to being so controlled and micromanaged.  Of course, they see many of their own voters as deplorables who are incompetent in the management of their own lives as well, but they are less likely to publically label them as such.  You have to think through what their policies imply about those Democratic Party voters to understand how deplorable the Elite believe a large fraction of their own voters to be.  These Elitists are the equivalent of the aristocracy of Great Britain who were the detritus for the Medieval Period.  Unfortunately, those who lust for power over others seem to recognize no limits upon their reign -- not the American Revolution, not the Constitution, and not 231 years of living more or less under our Constitution.  The evil lust for power over others is the great sin of many people.  It is the worst sin among us.  That sin is not lessened by the fact that most people who exercise the sin against us believe they are doing it for our own good.

We just had an election which was unconstitutional and very, very crooked.  It was unconstitutional because the constitutional requirement that state legislatures establish the voting laws was widely violated by election officials, by numerous court rulings, and by Democrat poll workers.  If only constitutionally valid votes were counted, President Trump would have been easily re-elected.  This would, at this time, certainly deprive many citizens of their vote, so there is no good way to correct this horrible fault.  One can only reform the voting system so that it never happens again, though the chances of that happening now that the Democrat Socialist Party completely controls the federal government is looking quite dim.

If only the counts were counted that were cast by legitimate voters, we will never know for sure who would have won the presidential election.  I think it most likely that Trump would have won, as do many other Americans.  There were just too many cases of votes being counted in Democrat strongholds with inadequate observation and with a failure to rigorously check the voter signatures of mail-in ballots.  There were too many cases of allowing votes to be cast by the dead, non-citizens, and those who had moved away from the address that they had voted from.  There were too many cases in which the voter registration roles were purposely very obsolete, in violation of federal law.  There were too many cases of people either receiving ballots they had not requested in contradiction of state law or cases of people being told they had been sent ballots that they never received.  There were too many tales of mail-in ballots being counted that had never been folded to fit into the required envelops.  There were too many cases in which barriers were put up to block the view of observers, where observers were required to be too far away to be effective, or where observers were told the counting was stopping, yet it continued once they left.  There were too many cases of thousands and even tens of thousands of votes being subtracted from the count that should only have increased or remained constant for a period.  There were too many cases of votes coming in from precincts at a rate that their counting equipment could not possibly achieve.  There were absolutely unbelievable votes from many precincts, both in terms of total numbers in terms of the division of votes between Biden and Trump.  This was a very, very crooked election and a large fraction of the American People understand that it was.

The election was unconstitutional, illegitimate, and invalid.  It was such because the Democratic Socialist Party has long planned to make it such and ensured that it was particularly crooked in those areas they have long governed locally.  The long Train of election Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evincing a Design to reduce the People under the absolute Despotism of the Democratic Socialist Party.

I am not yet at 1775.  I do not condone the violence and destruction that happened at the Capitol on 6 January.  I do think we will see many more such events if the election process is not made constitutional and fair.  I do not think Americans will sit quietly and obey the government when their sovereign and constitutional right to provide their consent to be governed has been violated.

I personally have no respect for the incoming federal government.  I have no respect in any case for people who want to usurp my freedom to choose my own values and to manage my own life.  At some level, many Americans do share this view, though very few to the extent that I do.  I have a huge resentment when anyone, especially people as stupid and wrongheaded as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and a host of government bureaucrats, forcefully attempts to micromanage my life.  I will resist their despotism as much as I possibly can, but I will keep that resistance peaceful.  For now.

The federal government under the Biden Despotic Regime will make every attempt to prevent state government from making future elections constitutional and fair.  So if we are ever again to have a constitutional and fair election, we the People, will have to be insistent in our demands that the state governments insure such legitimate elections.  If this effort is not successful, then the time for rebellion will have come.  We must not allow the Despotic Elitists to control our sovereign, individual lives.