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30 September 2013

What is Bad About a So-Called Government Shut-Down?

A so-called government shut-down is not really a shut-down of all government activities.  The defense of the country will continue to be provided.  Even Social Security checks and payments for Medicare will continue.  Yes, the employees of some meddling government regulatory agencies will be marked as non-essential and will be sent home.  That is the very least most of them are.  It is not at all essential that government interfere with the sovereign rights of the individual to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which is the mission of the government regulatory agencies.

Aside from defense, even the few powers the Constitution grants the federal government, are not very essential over short periods of time.  The power to establish post offices and post roads can surely go without exercise for a few months with no great consequences.  The power to establish a uniform rule of nationalization is already established in law, albeit not very good law.  Uniform laws on bankruptcy have also been established.  The regulation of commerce with foreign nations needs only to glide along established paths for a few months.  Protection against counterfeiting requires but a small group of specialists and it is clear that counterfeiters cannot even begin to compete with the Federal Reserve in watering down the value of the US currency in any case.  The Patent Office is also a small operation by the standards of the federal government.  Even the management of the federal courts is a very small fraction of the manpower used by the federal government.  The next Census is not to be held until 2020.  So, basically there is very little of the present mammoth government that is needed to perform its constitutionally granted functions, aside from the military.

And still the Social Security and Medicare checks will be also be issued, despite these activities clearly being beyond the constitutional grant of powers.  But, the EPA, NLRB, FEC, FAA, NOAA, NASA, NIH, FDA, the Agricultural Dept., the Energy Dept., the Education Dept., the Housing and Urban Affairs Dept., the Labor and Commerce Depts., SEC, HHS, and other agencies whose primary purpose is to control our lives and infringe upon our individual rights will have to designate many employees as non-essential and furlough them.  That is a very good thing.

Perhaps, these furloughs will even set aside many of the people writing regulations to implement such awful laws as ObamaCare and the Dodd-Frank cover-up of the government culpability for the financial melt-down of the Great Socialist Recession.  Perhaps Obama will not have enough aides to do the paperwork to give his supporters special subsidies and exclusions from laws such as ObamaCare.  Now that would be a most excellent consequence of a government slow-down.

In fact, let us make the government slow-down a permanent thing!  It will do much to return our government to its legitimate function of protecting our sovereign individual rights.  It will do much to decrease its many tyrannical activities.  If the slow-down lasts long enough, any of the slowed activities with any justification will be taken up by the private sector and performed much better than our incompetent government does them.


Jereme said...

I Agree though im from Canada, somthing needs to be done here as

Jereme said...

Somthing needs to be done in Canada
to, It sucks most people are either
afaid or just wont say anything.