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07 October 2013

Maryland Health Insurance Exchange Wants Your First-Born Child

It is difficult to actually find the entry point to start the process of finding out what the health insurance plans are and their costs under the State of Maryland Health Insurance Exchange.  It is very easy to find a great deal of propaganda claiming it is easy to sign up for, is inexpensive, and will deal effectively with all of your medical needs.

Of course, I expect this is all lies, but I wanted to try to learn much more about these issues by going through the process of checking out these claims.  After all, we are told over and over that one of the great things about this federally dictated take-over of the medical industry is that it will all be transparent.  If so, one should be able to easily examine the costs and benefits of plans for people of various ages.

But, the state of Maryland will not tell me anything about costs, benefits, and the various medical networks unless I create an account.  Good luck on figuring out how you even get to the point of being told that you have to create an account.  They say the process of creating an account takes about 5 minutes.

To create an account you have to give them permission to store information on your Internet Domain, your IP Address, your browser and operating system, the date and time of each visit, the pages you visit, and an address from which you link to their website.  Then you must provide the following information, which they inform you they intend to verify:

  • Your complete name
  • Your address
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your phone number
  • Your Social Security number
  • Your Date of Birth
Well I tried to use Next to skip over this, but it refused to allow that.  Without an entry to each of these demands for information, one is not allowed to move forward to see if any of the state's many claims that ObamaCare in the state of Maryland is greater than sliced bread and cheaper than water.  This suggests strongly to me that the People of the State of Maryland are to be put on a medical diet of bread and water.  The system is designed to prevent people from doing any hard investigation into the inadequacies of the system.

Clearly, this system is set up to prevent any one from making up a table on each of the few available insurance plans that provides the benefits of that plan.  It is designed to keep anyone from making up a chart of the cost for a male or female for any age.  This of course is the very thing one would expect of a transparent system, which ObamaCare falsely claims to be.  In fact, one rightfully expects that the exchange itself would present such information this way.  After all, anyone wants to know at this stage whether insurance for their adult children will break the backs of their children and what this dictated insurance might cost them in a few years time.  You will be kept in the dark, however.

Not only does the leaking of only bits of such information for one person at one age make this a murky system designed to protect the propaganda claims of the state and federal government from verification, but it is intimidating.  This intimidation is very intentional.  Big Government wants to collect a database on persons, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, and birth dates so that those people who do not buy this mandated insurance can be hunted down and harassed easily.  Now this is not actually allowed in the law, but neither are subsidizes allowed for the federal exchanges and neither are the many exemptions and delays.  This is not a law being enforced with any of the rational requirements of good law or with any respect to the Rule of Law.  So, why should we not expect to be hunted down like dogs if we do not buy this mandated insurance.

So, unfortunately, I cannot inform myself or any readers about what the Maryland benefit plans are and what they will cost.  In the absence of any information and given the opaqueness of the state system, I assume it is as bad as anyone who believes government is mostly incompetent would suspect it to be.  It is definitely on the state to prove otherwise and the state of Maryland is determined not to offer such proof.  Indeed, reports are that the federally run exchanges for the majority of states that would not set up their own exchanges operate on the same principle.  That principle is that the People are too dumb to insist on such knowledge and unable to cope with the knowledge if they had it.

This is a thoroughly un-American take-over of our medical institutions and an extreme intrusion into our most intimate affairs.


Harry Dale Huffman said...

This is no surprise, of course, it is even obvious; it is just the logical continuation of the way the "law" was passed in the first place: "We have to pass this law to find out what is in it." It was always designed as a fly-trap, to pull in victims and eat them alive, as it were. That is why Obama and the Democrats refuse to "negotiate" with the House Republicans now, because the latter are really interested in keeping the fly-trap from slamming shut on ALL THE PEOPLE, and particularly on the poorest, like me, who cannot afford health insurance at anywhere near the going rate (and particularly like me, personally, who will nevertheless NOT apply for Medicaid, nor "enroll" in (walk into the fly-trap of) one of these "exchanges" (nice propaganda term that; I'm surprised they didn't call them "online kiosks", to more easily snag all the hip young consumers, looking for a quick bargain deal--"Hey, who closed the door behind me!? What do you mean, pay up first!? You want me to sign what?! You know where I live?!! Who are these big goons with baseball bats!?!"). Pretty stupid, really, this universal, legalized extortion. It always comes down to bare, brute force.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

Yes, Harry, government always does come down to a brutal use of force.

This makes sense when its function is to protect us from invasion, but it is a violation of our most essential rights when our ability to maintain and control our minds and bodies is taken over by government. The government will ration health care with a preference for those who vote for the politicians in power or who contribute the most money to them.