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30 June 2021

Kamala Harris Identifies a Primary Root Cause of Illegal Immigration to the USA and Fertilizes the Root

Kamala Harris has made a big deal of her task to identify and address the root causes of illegal immigration into the USA.  She has identified a primary root cause: the illegal immigrants leave their home countries because they are very corrupt and gang violence is unbearable.

The violent gangs make huge sums of money selling drugs, dealing in sex trafficing, selling contraband arms, and guiding illegal aliens into the USA.  They infiltrate the USA with their gang members and extract post-immigration services from the illegal aliens they shepard into the USA as payment for their services.  The wealth they gather from these activities make the gangs and drug cartels all the more dominant and lawless in their home countries of Central America, Mexico, and South America.  This dominance makes life for many of the people in these countries a horrible experience.

Just as the Biden administration chooses to ignore the biowarfare that the Chinese Communist Party has inflicted upon the world by unleashing Covid-19 on it, they also ignore the fact that the Chinese Communist Party happily supplies the drug cartels with the chemicals to make and distribute the killing drug fentanyl.  The Chinese government helps the drug cartel predators to prosper.  The Big Guy and his family syndicate have long been in the employ of the Chinese Communist Party, as well as Russian and other oligarchs of several of the lawless countries of far eastern Europe and Asia, so his feckless response to the horrors they visit on civilized nations is to be expected.

What is the Biden administration response to the flood of illegal immigrants over our southern border?  They encourage it.  In the process, they are feeding the drug cartels and all of their heinous gang activities.  They do this in part because they intend to make the illegal aliens into citizens one day and expect to garner most of their votes.  The Democratic Socialist Party is always motivated by a rabid power lust.  There is nothing so important to the leadership of that party as the thrill that comes with forcing others to do their will.  Because they want the US to be inundated with illegal immigrants, they are enriching and empowering the drug cartel gangs.  These gangs make life in their home countries unbearable and push ever more immigrants to enter the US illegally.  The root cause of immigration is thus well fertilized by the Biden administration.

Given the Biden family syndicate relationship with the Chinese Communist Party and many oppressive oligarchs of other countries, one has to wonder if they are also tied into the drug cartels.  Hunter Biden has real expertise in drugs, unlike in natural gas, pipelines, banking, and defense work where he, his uncle, and the Big Guy have made much money in their shady dealings with evil foreign actors.  Such a direct financial link with the drug cartels sure would fit the Biden family syndicate pattern and it would go far in explaining the obviously harmful open-border policies of the Biden administration.  Known immoral behavior patterns should not be ignored.  Serious investigation is needed into the motivation for the open border policies being followed by this generally wrongheaded and immoral administration filled with special interest Swamp Creatures with no regard for the welfare of American citizens.