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27 September 2009

Democrats Vote Against Allowing Citizens or Senators to Read Health Insurance Bill

The Senate Finance Committee is debating a version of a health insurance bill put forth by its Chairman Senator Max Baucus (D, Montana) called America's Healthy Future Act. Senator Jim Bunning (R, Kentucky) offered an amendment which would require the bill to be printed and posted on a website for 72 hours before the Finance Committee voted on it. The Democrats voted overwhelmingly against the amendment, clearly indicating their will that this bill will follow the Democrat pattern of being passed out of committee without anyone, most especially the citizens, having read it. Then, of course, they intend it to go before the entire Senate for a vote before anyone has had time to read it. Most importantly, the People must be blindsided!

It is reassuring to all of us that the Democrats in the Senate can intuit whether a law is Constitutional and in the best interest of the General Welfare of the People without reading these complex and long bills. The Democrats are all sure they are intuitive geniuses. I am really impressed..... by their insanity.

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