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08 September 2009

Mark Lloyd - Obama's Diversity Officer at the FCC

Not infrequently, a politician pretends to be someone he is not. Politicians are actors who do not act a role for a movie or a TV plot, but live their roles most of the hours of their lives. Nonetheless, they generally need some down time and they seek that among their friends, with whom they have permission to be themselves. Obama chose the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and Valerie Jarrett as friends for many years and they tell us much about whose company makes him comfortable. His friends are commonly committed socialists, bitter critics of America's past history, friends of organized labor unions, and enemies of wealth in the abstract, but frequently inclined to grasp for wealth through the exercise of special interest politics.

One of Obama's recent appointees was Van Jones, the ex-Green Jobs Czar, who was a self-professed Communist and who believed that President Bush had purposely allowed the destruction of the Twin Towers. He did say that he signed the petition saying that Bush was responsible for allowing the Twin Towers' destruction without reading it, but this would seem unlikely on the part of a graduate of Yale Law School.

No....Let me reconsider that. What I just said would be true given the premise that no rational and responsible man would sign a petition without knowing what it said. I must remember that we have come to understand that it is a characteristic of socialists that they do not read the legislative bills they vote for in Congress, so I suppose it is likely that a socialist will not read the petitions he signs either! But, this is also disturbing. It says that Obama put a very irrational and irresponsible man in a position of some considerable power. We also should ask what motivated him to sign the petition he had not read, if this is not a lie. Is he a man who just has to please and say yes to anything a fellow socialist asks him to do? Would this not tell us more about the socialist mindset? And also of that of the man who appointed him to his position?

This brings me back to Mark Lloyd, with a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center, and a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress (CAP), heavily funded by George Soros. While at CAP, he criticized the free market for allowing conservative talk radio shows to become too popular. He suggested a number of schemes for reducing the power of conservative talk show hosts by taxing their radio stations heavily and by forcing more local ownership and ownership diversity. In other words, use the power of government to keep the People from choosing who they listen to! This same man has praised Hugo Chavez and the way in which he realized the power of the broadcast media and then took it over in Venezuela. Clearly, these are just the qualifications Obama was looking for. Obama appointed him Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer at the Federal Communications Commission. Where better to put him to carry out the program he developed at CAP to squelch conservative talk radio hosts? We know Obama by the company he keeps and by his judgment of who should be given control of power in the government. Over and over, he has turned to a cadre of highly committed socialists for such positions.

Over and over, we hear that Obama is a nice guy. He has a nice family we are told. Why how could a man with a wife, children, and a dog be bad or even evil? Hmmm....Didn't Stalin have a wife (at least two), children (at least 3), and a dog (a black Terrier)? To be sure, Stalin was not the loving father that Obama appears to be. Still, loving your family is no guarantee that a politician is genuinely motivated by a desire to seek the General Welfare of the People.

When a politician truly cares about the General Welfare of the People, he cares to severely limit the power of government in recognition of the sovereign right of each individual American to his own life, his own liberty, and his own pursuit of happiness. In Obama's case, he has made it very clear that he is a determined enemy of the rights of the individual. He is constantly talking about Americans serving others and advocating the use of government power to make them do just that. Obama is not a nice guy. We must recognize that fact so we can redouble our determination to fight for the embattled rights of the individual in this fight which the socialists recognize as a desperate fight. We must be as passionate in defense of freedom as they are in taking control of the People.

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