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06 September 2009

Green Jobs Czar Van Jones

In 2004, while being interviewed on the Radio, Obama's Green Jobs Czar Van Jones spoke about using the Green Revolution or the Green Economy as "the engine to transform the whole system" from what he described as suicidal gray capitalism to, first, Eco-Capitalism and then to go beyond that to end exploitation in a more ideal socialist system. He talked about how you do not make all your demands at once, but first get one demand, then make another, and then another. This is the type of tactic I warned about in my post on the critical need to avoid compromises with these socialists on 14 August 2009, called Compromise - The Road to Socialism. This is exactly what his present job as Obama's Green Jobs Czar, really Commissar, is all about.

For Obama to carry out his socialist revolution or coup from within the government of the United States, he needs a cadre of radical socialist organizers who are steeped in the tenets of Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers. In many cases the people best suited to constitute this cadre are too radical to put into government positions requiring Congressional approval. They also cannot be vetted by the normal processes. So, the solution to put them in positions of power to carry out his and their great plan to turn the United States into a socialist people's republic is to create many Czar (really Commissar) positions and fill them with his radical socialist cadre members.

It has also been reported that Van Jones signed a petition saying that the Bush administration was complicit in the Twin Towers attack. Before that, it was reported that he called himself a communist. The media talks about the failure to vet Van Jones properly as though it was attempted, but not carried out well. On the contrary, Van Jones and his viewpoints were well-known to Obama and to his political adviser Valerie Jarrett. There was no error. Van Jones is their man and he is exactly the kind of man they wanted. Van Jones is a man much needed in their cadre for a socialist coup from within the federal government.

Despite all of his foolishly wrongheaded socialist beliefs, Time magazine named Van Jones one of its "environmental heroes" in 2008. Fast Company named him one of the "12 most creative minds in 2008." The press is supposed to help protect us from tyrants, not to promote such monsters, such brutal socialists, for positions of power over the People.

Fortunately, Fox News and many outlets on the Internet have done the job that the mainstream media would not do. The resulting hullabaloo has aroused enough ire from the People, that Van Jones resigned his position on 5 September. One small victory, but oh so many more to go. The Obama administration is still full of slicker committed socialists working tirelessly to overthrow those remnants of our Constitution which are still observed and those last vestiges of the Capitalist system.

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