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15 September 2009

Socialist Government Requires Company Bank Account Numbers

Just when businesses are feeling really uncomfortable with the knowledge that the federal government is now controlled by corrupt, anti-business forces and seriously committed socialists, the federal government now forces companies to make on-line payments of payroll taxes. To do that, we have to give the government our company checking account numbers.

Is there a pattern here? The government wants to make everyone's individual tax forms available to numerous federal agencies so they can determine whether to subsidize them for the purchase of health insurance or tax them more heavily as part of their proposed "health insurance reform." This same corrupt, socialist, anti-business government suddenly forces every company to give them their bank account number!

This same government has deficits which our great, great grandchildren will still be paying off. Is anyone getting nervous about this? Will the government simply declare that any company with more than x dollars times the number of employees in the account will have to forfeit the excess to the government?

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