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13 September 2009

Pro-Capitalism, Anti-Socialism March in Washington, D.C.

My wife Anna and I went to the Washington, D.C. march on the Capitol on Saturday, 12 September 2009 to demonstrate in favor of:
  • The sovereign Rights of the Individual to his own life, his own liberty and property, and to the pursuit of his own happiness.
  • The moral and practical superiority of Capitalism over Socialism.
  • To defend and protect the Constitution with its severe limits on the power of the federal government in order to protect the General Welfare served by the Rights of the Individual, the violation of which is Tyranny.
  • To oppose the huge Debts destroying the future of our Children.
  • To reduce taxes and stop government spending.
  • To oppose the Chicago Politics of Special Interests and Thieves feeding in a frenzy upon the taxpayers.
  • To send the Czars back to Russia.
  • To prevent the government takeover of Health Care and allow insurance to be bought across state lines and to implement tort reform.
  • To protest the nonsense of Man-Made Global Warming and the Control of Energy Use by government.
  • To protest the Bank and Auto Company Bailouts.
  • To protest the Loss of Jobs due to the Pursuit of Socialism.
  • To protest the government's Anti-Business Bias and the intent to Kill Entire Industries.
  • To protest against Class Warfare and Racism.
  • To protest Congress's failure to read the bills it passes.
  • To protest the Arrogance of King Obama, Queen "Let them eat cake" Pelosi, and Jack "Jackal" Harry Reid and their band of power-lusting allies who refuse to listen to their bosses, The People.
I was impressed that so many Americans have come to understand what is going on and have discovered what the basic principles of good American government are. The media is mostly downplaying the number of people who showed up and is, of course, characterizing them in unflattering terms. The Democrat DC authorities apparently estimated the size of the crowd at 60,000 to 70,000 people, but there was a click head count at one portal into the demonstration area which reached 500,000 counted. The demonstration lasted at least 7 hours. I arrived several hours into the demonstration and I believe there were 100,000s there when I worked my way onto the East Capitol lawn. What is more, on the way there, the trash cans were full of many thousands of signs which had already been discarded by people who had left the demonstration before I got there! I am confident that there were at least about 1,000,000 people who attended the demonstration. You should look at the pictures of people there shown here. Most of the MSM reported that 10,000s of demonstrators attended the protest and many simply said 1,000s protested. How unbelievable! How obviously untrustworthy the MSM is!

I encountered people I knew to be from Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan. I found that many understood that the global climate is primarily a function of sun cycles rather than man's emissions of CO2 from burning fossil fuels. I found that many understood that the real number of unemployed is much higher than the 9.7% the federal government claims it is. Others understood that the Democrat reform of health care was motivated by a desire to control the People's health and lives, not to improve health care. But most of all, I was impressed that most people understood that our government is one of limited powers given in our Constitution. They also understood that those limitations are primarily so that individuals will be free to manage their own lives, rather than being reduced to dependent slaves by their government.

Hurrah!!!! The American people cannot all be fooled for very long!

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