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12 August 2009

Slaves Work, the Governments Spend

I will keep this brief. Anyone in their right mind knows the government is spending our money like a drunken sailor on prostitutes, gambling, drinking, and drugs. But, it is still alarming to measure that spending against the GDP:

1987 21.6% of GDP
1997 19.6% of GDP
2007 20.0% of GDP
2009 27.4% of GDP

This does not measure the costs of ever-increasing regulatory compliance or the equivalent of 3.8 million man-years spent on tax filing and planning. It also gives no information on the many unfunded liabilities, such as those to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. It does not add in the costs of the upcoming government "reformed" health care program or any other spending plans of our thoroughly socialist government. As I recall, in recent years we have actually been spending about 44% of GDP on all government taxes and mandates. Since the figures from the CBO above show a sudden 7.4% jump in the federal government expenditures and many states have been increasing taxes, it appears that the total cost of government is already above 50%, probably at least 52%!

If 52% of everything we produce is taken by government, are we not more slaves than free men? The Democrat leadership has been saying their opposition is Un-American. I thought it was Un-American to be a slave!

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