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10 August 2009

Gov. Kaine of Virginia: Families Cannot Handle Truth of Virginia Tech Massacre

Democrat Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia is proving once again how little confidence the leaders of the Democrat Party have in the People. In April 2007, he had set up a Virginia Tech Review Panel to find out if the mass murder committed by Seung-Hui Cho could have been avoided. That panel issued its report and the Governor accepted it.

But ...... the families of Julia Pryde and Erin Peterson, who had refused to join the $11 million settlement, dug into the matter. Their lawyers found out that Dr. Robert C. Miller who had been head of the Cook Counseling Center at Virginia Tech, had removed Cho's mental health records and taken them home with him. These records were not supplied to the panel.

In addition, the campus wide alert was found to have been sent out 46 minutes after the university had claimed it had been. This was 10 minutes after Cho had started his shooting spree in Norris Hall and well after the initial dorm shootings of two students.

Barbara Hollingsworth of the Washington Examiner has written about this here.

One might think all this would be reason to reopen the panel. Gov. Kaine refused to do so. His lawyer, Mark Rubin, wrote an e-mail to the victim's families and said the panel would not be reopened because doing so would further upset the families. 60 families objected, so Kaine hired TriData, an Arlington consulting firm, that had so poorly handled the initial panel to be in charge of any revisions of the report.

Hollingsworth asked:
  • Why was Dr. Miller never interviewed by the panel?
  • Why didn't the State Police find Cho's records?
  • How many student records have been removed from campus by university staff without legal authorization?
To these questions, I will add this: How on Earth could university officials have gotten away with falsifying the timeline on the campus-wide alert by 46 minutes? Surely the panel should have uncovered this lie. Clearly, the panel's investigation was incompetent or meant from the beginning to be a cover-up. The latter looks the more likely of the two.

And clearly Gov. Kaine does not want the public to know this, so he responded by in effect telling the victim's families that they could not handle the truth. Kind of reminds one of Nancy Pelosi claiming that Nazis are opposing the Obama-Pelosi-Reid health care government takeover. Odd, because as I recall it, the socialist Nazis themselves did take over German health care and did ration it to the elderly, the mentally handicapped, and such people as they regarded as undesirables. That seems to me to bear a considerable resemblance to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid plan. I suppose that is why they are early-on trying to create the illusion that the Nazis and various un-Americans are opposing them, rather than a massive grassroots uprising of many Americans.

It is very clear that Democrat leaders do not think very highly of the People.

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