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08 August 2009

Pelosi Misleads and Misinforms Again

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is misleading and misinforming us once again. She recently complained that she has been met by angry mobs of people displaying swastika signs. She was clearly trying to create the impression that the protesters were Nazis.

The economist John Lott has a blog here, which makes interesting reading. On this issue, he requested a picture from Nancy Pelosi's office showing the crowd waving swastikas. The picture they sent him showed one swastika and it was superimposed with a red circle with a diagonal crossing line. Clearly, the protester was protesting fascism, not promoting it. The picture Nancy Pelosi's office sent John Lott is shown on his blog.

Nothing makes a socialist angrier than to be identified with fascism and Nazism. Yet, this is the most common form that socialism takes in America today. To be sure, there are still many who favor communism and there are still more who mix the two forms of socialism liberally.

So, Nancy Pelosi just cannot help but to embellish the truth until it takes on the form of a lie. Her accusations against the CIA were not enough to even teach her the least bit of restraint. But, what can you expect of a committed socialist? All of socialism is built upon a foundation of lies. They have no choice but to lie. It is their nature to use lies and ever bigger lies to achieve power over their fellow man.

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