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06 August 2009

Government Health Plan & Your Financial Information

One of the plans being considered by the Democrat Congress for the government control of health care in the United States is HR 3200. This bill provides for the following:
  • Real time access to each individual's financial records
  • Issuance of a National ID health care card
  • Direct access to your bank accounts for electronic funds transfer
  • The HC Administration will have access to all American's financial and personal records
  • Your health insurance information will be provided to the IRS, which will provide it to the Health & Human Services Department
  • The Health & Human Services Department will make all medical information available to the Justice Department for the sake of law enforcement
  • This financial information will be used to notify those who do not qualify for health insurance subsidies
  • This financial information will be used to assess penalty taxes if you do not have a "qualifying" health insurance plan
  • It appears that this information will be added to medical information to build statistics according to income, race, age, gender, weight, eating and drinking habits, sexual habits, marital problems, mental health problems, and medical conditions
As a result, large numbers of people will have access to our financial records, our bank accounts, and our medical records. All of our medical records will be accessible with our National ID health care card number.

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