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01 August 2009

The Immoral Federal Health Insurance Bills

The Democrat Congress is in the midst of working on numerous bills for the federal government takeover of the health insurance business. The details of the bill that will finally become law are not known, but some broad aspects of it are quite likely. What is likely?
  • He who controls the health insurance money, controls the health care industry.
  • The federal government will exercise considerable control over what health insurance plans will have to offer in coverage.
  • The federal government control over insurance plan requirements will grow with time.
  • Young and healthy people will be forced into health insurance plans with older and less healthy people.
  • Young and healthy people will be forced to subsidize the old and unhealthy.
  • The number of people assigned to the Medicaid program will increase greatly.
  • The amount of taxpayer money used to pay for Medicaid will increase greatly.
  • Eventually, the states will be required to fund more of the increased Medicaid costs.
  • Medicaid costs and the costs of the insurance premiums people will be forced to pay will increase greatly.
  • Medicaid costs are already way beyond the expected costs of years ago.
  • All the savings of such plans now touted by politicians will prove minuscule compared to the cost increases.
  • The cost increases will greatly exceed all government predictions.
  • The cost increases will exert great pressure on the government to ration health care services greatly for Medicare, Medicaid, and for the "private insurance plans" with government requirements and control ala fascism.
  • Government bureaucrats will indeed decide what drugs and what operations are cost-effective, from their viewpoint.
  • The old will be seen by the government as too old to justify the costs of many medical procedures they now benefit from to extend their lives and improve their comfort.
  • Waiting times to see doctors and for procedures will increase greatly.
  • The free market with all of its factors of supply and demand would have provided much better health care for most people.
  • The new federal health care system is a further unconstitutional expansion of federal government powers.
  • The new federal health care system will be even more immoral than the present mixed health care system.
  • Government control of the health care system will allow them to grant special favors of limited market entry to drug companies, health insurance companies, doctors and others whose services are not usually covered by private health insurance plans, and large HMOs.
  • Campaign contributions from the health care industry, which in the last election greatly favored the Democrats, will skyrocket as special interests vie for protection and advantage.
  • Entry into the health care industry of small businesses and new businesses will become much harder.
  • Some large health care businesses will find life less competitive and will relax.\
  • The vast majority of small businesses will, contrary to promises now, be hit with penalty taxes if they do not offer health insurance plans compatible with government requirements.
  • The fraction of the health insurance premium costs that businesses will have to pay will be increased with time.

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