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22 August 2009

AP Lowers Obama's Tax Pledge Limit

An AP news item on the now projected increased federal deficit for the 2010 to 2019 time period of a $2 trillion increase to $9 trillion tries to open the door for Obama and the Democrats to increase taxes on those making between $200,000 and $250,000 per year now. This article says
Such deficits have always prompted Congress and the White House to take politically painful steps to curb them, such as former President Bill Clinton's tax-heavy 1993 deficit reduction plan. A companion effort by Obama could force him to break his promise to not raise taxes on individuals making less than $200,000 a year.
But..... didn't he actually pledge not to raise taxes on individuals making less than $250,000 a year? Well, yes he did.
This effort to find new revenues should be frustrated by what Obama said was his "firm pledge" not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000.00 a year. "Under my plan," Obama said September 12, 2008 in Dover, N.H., "no family making less than $250,000.00 a year will see any form of tax increase." To emphasize the point he continued, "Not your income taxes, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."
This article also notes that Obama has already raised cigarette taxes, which mostly fall upon people with annual incomes very far below $250,000 a year.

This pledge has not kept Obama and the Democrats from trying to pass legislation which will greatly crank up our energy expenses in a manner which is clearly a subterfuge method of taxation. They are also trying very hard to rearrange health care payments so that for all intents and purposes the young and the healthy are going to be taxed to pay for the higher health care needs of the unhealthy and the older. None of these tax subterfuges respect the no new taxes for those making less than $250,000 a year in the least!

Obama has already made it clear that like Bill Clinton, he believes that lying is a great art form. He does it because he loves the beauty of a well-told lie. Many such lies brought him into the Presidency and gave him the opportunity to try to further his socialist goals in re-making America.

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