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19 August 2009

Revolts of Scientists Against Global Warming Dogma

Many members of the American Physical Society are revolting against a statement issued by that society of professional physicists in 2007 that claimed that man-made emissions of CO2 were a serious problem. You can read a brief article about the request by 80 prominent physicists to have the earlier statement replaced with one which states that natural forces such as solar and ocean forces are the primary cause of climate change, that the 20th Century and early 21st Century temperatures are not unusual, and that objective research on the effects of both natural and man-made effects are the proper business of science.

Comments in favor of man-made global warming by the editor of the monthly magazine published for all members of the American Chemical Society resulted in a firestorm of protesting letters only a few weeks ago. Thus it is clear that the so-called consensus of scientists that anthropogenic global warming is a major factor leading to catastrophic effects has broken down.

That consensus may have seemed plausible to many a short while back because most scientists had never really looked into the issues of global climate. But as the public policy issues related to preventing a global warming catastrophe caused many scientists to realize how important climate-affecting factors were, more and more of them have done their homework. More and more of them, as I was, were embarrassed to find that much of what has been called climate science has been very poor science indeed. More and more of the scientists in the "hard" sciences have been able to evaluate the so-called science of greenhouse global warming and have dismissed it as obviously inadequate science, with many very apparent biases based upon political, rather than scientific, values.

Bring on the revolt my fellow scientists. It is late, but we must still save as much respect for science as we can.

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