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05 March 2009

Stock Investors Have Gone John Galt

Obama does not care a fig for whether the stock market goes up or down. So he says. From his actions and given his hatred for the "investor class", one has to conclude that he actually likes seeing the stock market going down.

Clearly stock investors are leaving the stock market. They are buying gold and in some cases they are betting that the Obama pessimism will carry the market still lower. Today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard & Poor's Stock Index reached 12-year lows. The Dow closed at 6,594.44 and the S&P finished the day at 682.55, which is the lowest it has closed at since 19 Sep 96. The Nasdaq composite fell to 1,299.59, barely above its low in the last bear market on 12 Mar 03.

Many people soon to retire on the leading edge of the Baby Boomers generation are now without adequate income for their retirement since stocks now are worth only 50.2% of their 52-week high of 13,136.69. Obama does not care. Actually, Obama does not want anyone to have any more retirement income than that provided by Social Security. Obama is a very happy man.

So, investors see no reason to have confidence in the future of the American economy. They are showing this by "Going John Galt" in droves. There is no joy in Mudville, nor anywhere in America today. The Federal government does not protect property and it does not protect contracts. The failure to protect contracts is explicit in the abrogation of home mortgage contracts. The failure to protect property is explicit in talk establishing the means to take over a number of financial companies after years of pushing them to finance sub-prime mortgages and lending generally and saddling them with short-sighted mark-to-market rules under the Sarbanes-Oxley accounting law. Yes, many of these institutions bear substantial blame, but so does the government which now wants us to believe that it can manage many of these companies better than their management can.

For all the faults many of those companies managers can be held to account for, there is every reason to believe that government bureaucrats will be far, far less capable. Most of those bureaucrats are in government agencies either because they could not make it in private enterprise or because they hate the profit motive. In either case, the bureaucrat is hardly likely to do well in managing a company of the private sector. Indeed, it would be unseemly for a bureaucrat to actively seek to increase a company's profit in competition with other companies. There is a strong conflict of interest between his public duties and such a role.

Such a strong conflict of interest also exists between the government-employed educator and the operation of schools. This has not kept the government from almost monopolizing the schooling of America's children and it has emboldened them to substitute propaganda for larger government for a critical assessment of the moral scope of government power. One of the primary reasons children need an education is so they will be able to hold their own against the will of government to always expand its powers. It takes knowledge and intellectual confidence for the individual to stand firm against the demands of those wielding power through government. Government is the chief enemy of freedom and freedom always hangs in a delicate and precarious balance due to the threats of government. Only when many citizens are able to think for themselves and are cognizant of history and economics can they hold government in check.

Our government-run schools have seen to it that our children cannot see the threat of government, that they believe an additional government program is the answer to every problem, that they avoid conflict and hurt feelings at all costs, and that they are ignorant of the essential lessons of history. Government schools have long been designing our children to become patsies before the onslaught of evermore intrusive government. Our children are designed to become the feudal serfs of society. This is the only class of people that Obama likes. Our schools cannot hope to do the job of education due to the fundamental conflict of interest that a government has with respect education and the expansion of its own powers.

Similar conflicts of interest exist with all of the many functions which governments take on to expand their power. Recognition of this motivated the Framer's of the Constitution to strictly limit the powers of government. Government is always primarily about the use of force, not primarily about helping the people. Government is always dangerous. But government always poses as the solution to every problem. It poses as the solution to the problems in the economy, but in reality it is the biggest problem by far in the economy. Let us "go John Galt" on government!

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