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05 March 2009

Going John Galt

Lately a new phrase of protest against the socialist remake of the United States of America led by the left wing of the resurgent Democrat Party is erupting from many Americans. They are saying either that they are "Going John Galt" or that it is clear that investors, employers, and small businessmen are "Going John Galt."

Well, it is now 7 AM and I am about to shut down my work in my laboratory after having worked all night on a report on the XPS, FTIR, and microscopy analysis of a building material. With the clearly accelerated attack of the socialists and the anti-science and anti-business elements running amok in Washington with the sole aim of brutally suppressing our individual sovereignty, I am wondering why on earth I am not already "Going John Galt."

Of course, I have reigned in some equipment spending plans and I am seriously thinking about the need to pare the number of my employees. To some degree that is "Going John Galt." And at times I am so angry that it is impairing my ability to focus on science and technology. I really do find that what I really want to do is fight back and do my best to throw the vermin back who are trying to destroy my future, that of my business, and that of my family and friends. It is only when I am on the barricade opposing this horde of barbarians that I feel as though I am being a man. A man must act to protect, preserve, and defend his values and he must assert his right to develop and manage his own life. To do less is to be a lower life form.

As I told my oldest daughter when she asked a couple of weeks ago if I hoped Barack Obama would fail, yes I hope he will fail. He is wrong, he is the very heart of evil. The principal issue of our day, indeed of every man's day who ever existed, is whether or not the individual will reign sovereign or whether hordes of barbarians and mobs of thugs will reign sovereign. We have given the Federal government to the barbarians and the thugs, with my college-indoctrinated daughter's help. Good men must oppose them mightily and we must hope that they will fail. We know from history that they will not succeed in what they are pretending is their intentions.

However, it has become very clear that their real intention is to have total power over all Americans and they clearly understand that that means that they must reduce us all to poverty. That is exactly their intent. They have already deprived most of us of 44% of our retirement savings, that being how far south the stock market has gone since it became clear that Obama was likely to win the Presidential election. They will deprive us of 82% of our energy use, deprive us of the choice to have medical care, deprive us of meat, corn, and other food, and they clearly will have to greatly reduce the population to meet their goals of reducing man's impact on the Almighty Planet. Obama must be a secret admirer of Pol Pot.

If they do "succeed", then very many of us will "Go John Galt." That will then bring the barbarians and thugs to their knees as the less committed fellow travelers realize what the choices really are. Then we who have "Gone John Galt" will trace a dollar sign over the horizon and begin a civilization which finally understands that only when the individual reigns supreme is freedom secure and only then does man have the right to use his own mind and to act to achieve the values his mind has identified as most important to him. Meanwhile, I damn the barbarians and I hope all the thugs fail miserably, since it would be much better if we are not forced to "Go John Galt." But, it looks as though this is going to be a closely run affair. This may well be the equivalent of Hitler winning WWII or Joe Stalin winning the Cold War. This war is going to be very brutal. Fortunately, Ayn Rand left us well-armed for this brutal fight with the barbarians and thugs.

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