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07 March 2009

Democrats Imprison 1,700 Students

The Democrat Congress just threw 1,700 District of Columbia students back into penal holding pens pretending to be public schools. To be especially cruel, these students had been given a brief experience with a real education in private schools under a voucher program.

The D.C. public school system is a total failure. It is clear that it makes no serious effort at providing D.C. students with an education. It does provide many very poor teachers with cushy union jobs and does not make half of them even enter a classroom. It is also a generous source of money for many suppliers of goods and services. The one thing it is unbelievably good at is spending money. The D.C. school system spends about $24,600 per student (see my post of 20 Apr 08). This is not what they say they spend. They claim amounts in the range of $7,000 to $12,000 per student, usually claiming $8,322 per student. The best private schools in D.C., where Obama's children go for instance, charge about $25,000 per year. Anyone would be offended given the quality of a D.C. public school education if they understood how much D.C. spends on its schools. Especially when the school system is always claiming that if it only had a reasonable amount of money, it would educate the students. They always want more.

Given this fact alone, the voucher program which provides $7500 per year to a D.C. student from a poor family to attend a private school is a huge money-saver for the D.C. taxpayer and the Federal government which gives the D.C. school system so much aid. It also allows a poor D.C. student to actually get an education and to have the options in life that come with an education. But, our Democrat Congress, which so poses as the champion of the poor, has most cruelly sent the formerly lucky 1,700 students back to jail. Let them see the light briefly, then throw them back into the blackest pit.

Why do they do such horrible things? Because the public school teacher's union wants them to and the Democrats owe them hugely for their election support. The students are unimportant. Being elected and put in power is all that is important. These are the Democrat champions of the underdog. Well, in order to be that, they must turn human beings into dogs and they must bury them six feet under in ignorance. The Democrats want to sustain the union teachers who do not teach and to create the underdogs they can pretend to champion!

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