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20 March 2009

Obama Backs Off Screwing Protesting Veterans

The key to taxation is said by big government types to be the equivalent of plucking as many feathers from the chicken as possible without the chicken squawking too much. Obama, after pledging to treat veterans better than the deficient Republicans did during the campaign, proved once again how fast change you can believe in changes. He very seriously proposed, and defended for some time, that veterans should have to buy private insurance to cover their medical costs. This was supposed to save the government $540 billion, which happens to be the amount of additional funding by which his administration is to increase the funding of the Veterans Administration. During the campaign he did not tell veterans that he was going to specifically have them targeted as the source of the money to pay for the VA spending increase!

Well, American veterans proved they were no chickens and immediately rose against the idea. Not only that, but most other Americans realized that this showed a breach of contract with our veterans. It was a clear failure to accept the responsibility for the care of wounded and diseased veterans as a result of their service and as partial payment for their service which Americans have long generally assumed was their responsibility. There was genuine moral outrage on this issue and everyone is wondering why Obama just does not get it.

Obama is fundamentally anti-military, anti-American use of force abroad almost no matter what the provocation, and he is all about posing as one who feels for his fellow Americans, but clearly does not. Examine his cavalier, disdainful manner of returning the salutes of the military. His generalized idiocentricity was very apparent in this callous episode.


Ray said...

The protest is not over yet. He's screwing the Veterans again with the revision/update of the NOTICE OF PRIVACY PRACTICES.That was mailed to all Veterans recently.It began April 14, 2009. They are going to disclose all our personal and medical information to anyone. This will be dangerous to many Veterans. For an example, let’s say I'm a Disable Veteran and I take prescription pain medication. If this information was obtained by a person who is addicted to drugs, and they obtained my address also, they could come looking for me, knowing I would have what they want. A worse scenario would be if I was confined to a wheel chair and unable to defend myself. They would know that, and not only could they take my medication but also rob me of my valuable possessions and/or do bodily harm to me and my family members. All Veterans need to protest this detrimental act they are implement upon us.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for your comment Ray. Your concerns seem very valid to me.

The Dept. of Homeland Security also just released a report claiming that disgruntled veterans are a major right wing threat, along with all anti-government people. I presumably qualify for both groups. I am still a disgruntled Vietnam veteran who believes that after the loss of 56,000 American lives and many more South Vietnamese lives, the Democrat Congress threw the South Vietnamese under the bus, despite the war having been effectively won against North Vietnam. But, they would not even provide the necessary maintenance support. It was disgraceful. Then, as I constantly make it clear, I believe that most of the government's activities are unconstitutional, so I apparently qualify as a dangerous right wing threat to national security for that reason also. I understand they are also seeding doubts about the Veterans of Foreign Wars also.

Perhaps they are so convinced that most veterans are a threat that opening medical records is payback. I do not think Obama did very well among veterans in the election. It seems clear that he and many others of the socialist persuasion really do not like the military.

In any case, medical records have long been held as confidential information and should remain confidential.