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22 March 2009

The Big Lie on Anthropogenic Global Warming

The 14 - 20 March 2009 The Economist also has an article called "Science and the president: A new era of integrity, sort of." It discusses the Democrats claims that they are in favor of science, while Republicans oppose it. So stem cell research and creationism are discussed, as is anthropogenic global warming. They say:
Republican doubts about the severity of global warming are much more serious, and have undoubtedly slowed the adoption of carbon curbs. But such doubts are fading. Few Republicans still deny that global warming is man-made. A more common objection to Mr Obama's cap-and-trade proposal is that it would amount to a huge tax hike in the middle of a recession.
Once again we see this tactic that everyone agrees that anthropogenic global warming is a catastrophe and all scientists agree on this, all people agree on this, and, now, even all Republicans agree with this. However, as I noted in my 11 March entry "Scrubbing CO2 out of the Atmosphere", 66% of Republicans are skeptics that we are undergoing or will undergo catastrophic man-made global warming. Apparently, the 33% of Republicans who either think it is happening and is catastrophic and those who do not have an opinion, are all the Republicans who count as far as The Economist is concerned.

It is truly hard to believe that the global warming alarmists are still blatantly making claims that everyone believes in catastrophic man-made global warming, except the most patently insane people. The tactic is wearing thin and more and more people are becoming quite skeptical.

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