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04 March 2009

Obama The Idiocentric, Obama the Insane

I have several times noted that Obama is a man who consistently examines a complex issue pertaining to the lives of individuals in society and comes to all the wrong conclusions. I have termed such a person an idiocentric. However, someone who always makes wrong judgments about reality is very reasonably said to be insane. Obama has made it very clear that he is insane.

For a long while the fact that Congress has been under the control of the Democrats, the very extreme socialist nature of the Democrat leadership in the House and the Senate, and their announced intentions to raise taxes on wealthier Americans, on businesses and investment, to force unions on workers and employers, to do nothing to reform either Social Security or Medicare, to further socialize and ration medical care, to do nothing to keep the world's leading terrorist-supporting nation from acquiring a nuclear bomb and missile capability, and to return us to a pre-industrial and pre-energy lifestyle has all hung over our heads as an individually threatening guillotine. Only the presence of President Bush with his potential to veto legislation and the threat of Senate filibusters saved us from the worst of their plans for some time. But it was clear that there was no way that spending was going to be controlled, there was no way that the Bush tax cuts were going to be maintained when they expired in 2010, and there was no way that the U.S. was going to match the corporate and higher income tax rate cuts which were doing so much to promote growth in many other countries.

Now, the Democrats control the Presidency and not only control it, but have placed the most committed socialist of them all into the position. What were Americans thinking about? Apparently only that they were guilty because of past discrimination against African Americans.

When a presidential candidate says that he wants to bankrupt all coal-fired power plants, which produce half of all of our electricity, and replace them with incredibly expensive photovoltaic power plants and windmills, the man should be recognized as insane. When he constantly implies that if only we tax the rich enough, 95% of us can be much better off, the man is a candidate for a careful mental health evaluation. If you take all of the wealth of the top 5% of Americans and redistribute it, this just means that a different 5% of the population is to be destroyed next. This is like eating all of your seed for next year's crop now because it will make your tummy really full now. The pundits like to attribute the problems of the economy prior to Obama taking the oath of office as due to President Bush. He had a hand in it, but the Democrat Congress had a bigger hand in it, and as the election campaign unfolded, fears of what Obama was going to do had a bigger and bigger hand in convincing investors to pull back their money. The drop in the stock market all the way back to last September was largely due to Democrat idiocentricity!

Now Obama is President and he is leading the charge on one insane act after another:
  • An $800 billion stimulus bill which will only stimulate government and shrink the private sector.
  • A more than $400 billion supplemental spending bill filled with lard and 9000 earmarks.
  • Constant negative talk about how bad the economy is and seeds planted for the nationalization of the auto and financial industries.
  • A higher income tax rate for those making more than $250,000 of 39.6%, which will hit many small business owners and surely cause them to create many fewer jobs.
  • Applying the Social Security tax to those making $250,000 or more, which is an additional tax of 12.4%, though many people are of the mistaken belief that it is half this amount unless you are self-employed.
  • Capital gains is to be returned to the 20% rate, despite the fact that a reduction from this rate to 15% under Bush proved a boost to the economy, a job creator, and still increased government tax revenues.
  • A plan to decrease energy use by 14% in 10 years and by 80% by 2050. This is a plan to bring back the horse and buggy, except the horse will be biogenetically engineered not to shit, since that produces methane, a greenhouse gas. We will all be Amish soon.
Given such colossal wrongheadedness, we can be sure there will be many more insane plans announced in short order. Basically, we are now to become cannibals and eat the rich. When they are all devoured, we are to live as the Amish do, but we will have no rich, energy using people to sell our organic products to, so the idea that we will live like the Amish is not realistic. It will be more like a return to the caves. Seriously.

Since we will no longer have an effective military defense, it will be better to be in the caves anyway when the Iranians lauch their nuclear warheaded missiles at the Great Satan. Obama is a commited unilateral disarmament kind of socialist, already made apparent by his early policy moves with respect to Russia, Iran, Hamas, Iraq, and Pakistan. The caves will be the best protection we will have left. But be sure that this is not to be a return to life as the caveman knew it. No, the caveman was allowed to burn wood and create CO2 emissions. He was also allowed to wear animal furs. We will be without the use of energy to keep warm and we will be very naked in Obama's future world. And at least 4 or 5 billion people on earth will have to die so that the almighty, pristine earth will be less damaged by the existence of mankind.


Unknown said...

A very well written post. Thank you. My wife and I discuss this all the time. It is difficult to know what to do or how to react to the changes. They seem to come so fast. I fear for my children.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

Thanks Joe. Unfortunately, we are still at that stage when the American people are largely living on the hope that Obama cannot be as bad as he is. I have considerable confidence that there will be a strong counter-reaction to his policies as time goes on, but it is puzzling that the response has been so weak to date.

Meanwhile, everyone can see that I am angry about all the nonsense which Washington is indulging itself in. History is very clear that socialism leads to the destruction of societies as it pits one faction against another in a feudal world-view in which all wealth is static and the game is to duke it out brutally to take your share. The rise of capitalism showed that wealth could be created in copious quantities when men were allowed the freedom to apply their minds and energy to the goals and values they individually chose. This is clearly the only decent system if you care about your own life and if you respect the lives of others.

Obama says we cannot do this, since the community and our fellow man have first claim upon our lives and how we use each hour of our day. I think it deplorable in the extreme that an African American President believes in a kind of feudal slavery in which the more intelligent, creative, and hardworking you are, the stronger the chains that bind you to those who are less so. But what is worst of all is that he is actually not interested in helping the less able and less committed worker. That is merely a pretense. No, his motivation is nothing but a hatred for people of greater ability. He is more interested in pulling them down than he is in making life better for most people. This Obama is a very vicious man.