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25 January 2010

A Host of Unscientific References in the UN IPCC AR4 Report

Donna Laframboise on her blog has turned up a host of unscientific references in the UN IPCC AR4 report of 2007.  Many of them are World Wildlife Fund reports and others of a similar level of objectivity.  Apparently, this is the result of looking into just a small fraction of the many references.

Thanks for your work on checking these references out, Donna Laframboise!  Donna also notes that the NASA website had claimed the Himalayan glaciers might be gone by 2030, five years earlier than their disappearance according to the discredited claim in the UN IPCC AR4 report!

1 comment:

TripodGirl said...

Thanks so much for the honorable mention. I have a follow-up post on Greenpeace-generated literature in the Nobel-winning climate report.

I’ve also discovered that Dr. Pachauri, the IPCC chairman, has written at least one forward for a Greenpeace publication. Which strikes me as rather cozy…

All the best,

Donna Laframboise