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28 January 2010

Greenpeace Experts Direct Parts of UN IPCC AR4 Report

Donna Laframboise of has been industriously busy looking further into the references and experts of the Nobel Prize winning UN IPCC AR4 report of  2007.  See has found that the report which advertises itself as the work of 2500+ scientific expert reviewers, 800+ contributing authors, and 450+ lead authors and based entirely on authoritative peer-reviewed journal sources, uses a number of Greenpeace experts and reports.  These claims are false.  Greenpeace is the "authoritative scientific" source for the following claims with eight cited references (given by Donna):
  • Climate change will likely cause coral reef degradation.
  • The lowest cited power production (630 GW) from installed concentrated solar power plants in the year 2040.
  • Estimates of the current global installed peak capacity of solar photovoltaic power of 2400 MW in a 2004 report and 5000 MW in a 2006 report.
  • Main locations and cost of wind-energy investments.
  • An estimate that wind power will generate 29% of all electricity by 2030!  Most other estimates are between 3 and 5%.  The IPCC report decides on 7% for its analysis.
Donna Laframboise also found that among the expert reviewers of Working Group III of the UN IPCC AR4 report were three Greenpeace employees, two Friends of the Earth representatives, two Climate Action Networkers, one WWF International employee, one Environmental Defense employee, and someone from the David Suzuki Foundation.

The Greenpeace experts were:
  • Scientific Expert Reviewer Gabriela von Georne, Ph.D. in geology, a climate and energy campaigner for Greenpeace Germany.
  • Scientific Expert Reviewer Steve Sawyer, a boat-borne campaigner and now an energy lobbyist
  • Scientific Expert Reviewer Sven Teske, BSc in engineering and masters in wind energy technology, protest vessel sailor and now renewable energy expert
Donna also notes that Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC Chairman, provided a forward for a Greenpeace publication with Sven Teske as co-author entitled New Zealand Energy Revolution: How to Prevent Climate Chaos.  Donna notes that this IPCC / Greenpeace relationship is a bit too cozy.

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