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22 December 2009

UN IPCC Head Makes Big Money from Global Warming Fears

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri was a railway engineer, who earned a Ph.D. in economics and became the director of the Tata Energy Research Institute in Delhi, India in 1981.  This institute was set up in 1974 by India's largest privately owned business, the Tata Group.  He headed the UN IPCC as its chairman when the AR4 report of 2007 was produced and claimed that catastrophic man-made global warming was a certainty.  As is the case with Al Gore, Dr. Pachauri is making many millions of dollars a year off of his status as a leading catastrophic anthropogenic global warming "expert."  He sits on dozens of company boards of directors or acts as an adviser to them.  He advises carbon traders and industries with an interest in sustainability or being perceived as "green."

When people oppose the idea of catastrophic man-made global warming, they are often said to be in the employ of oil and coal firms, whether they are or are not.  Conservatives and libertarians are aware that Al Gore is making money from his advocacy of man-made global warming, but they have said little about Dr. Pachauri making many millions per year from his advocacy.

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