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25 December 2009

Prince Charles Says the World is Doomed If We Do Not Act Within 7 Years

Prince Charles, the queen of England's husband, has declared that unless we drastically cut back within 7 years on man's use of fossil fuels which produce CO2, the Earth is doomed!

The situation is so bad that he flew to the Copenhagen Climate Summit in one of the Queen's jets on the same day that Gordon Brown flew on another, non-commercial flight.  They could not share a plane or even take one of the 16 commercial flights scheduled into Copenhagen that day.  Stephen Glover goes on to report:

The Copenhagen summit, supposed to produce an agreement limiting greenhouse gases, has, according to experts, the same carbon footprint as a medium-sized African country such as Malawi. 

There are an amazing 34,000 delegates attending the event, and the grander among them are forced, says my colleague Robert Hardman in Copenhagen, to park their private jets in Norway because Denmark has run out of Tarmac, and to procure their gas-guzzling limousines from Germany.
 It is wonderful to be a smug elitist saving the world from the energy use of the less fortunate masses!

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