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08 December 2009

Obama Government Declares The People Original Polluters

Yesterday, Obama's EPA declared CO2 a pollutant gas.  This allows Obama to regulate CO2 emissions under the draconian Clean Air Act.

But, take note that the People breathe out CO2 as an act of life.  Thus, the sovereign People who instituted government to protect their sovereign rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, are now sanctioning a government of elitists who can look down their noses at the People for yet another reason.  No doubt these elitists already consider the People to be Original Sinners, who cling to their religion and guns and ignorance.  But now, they can also be perfectly politically correct in terming the People Original Polluters!

Yes, the elitists are also polluters, but in their minds, they have offsetting social value.  This is why it is perfectly fine for Al Gore to jet around the world giving speeches on man's destroying the world because he uses too much fossil fuel energy.  But Al Gore's use of jet fuel energy is OK.  He is doing mankind a service and has earned his CO2 emissions rights!  But have most of the rest of us?  Well, according to many environmentalists, there are already too many people.  They actually talk about the desirability of getting rid of some of us.  So now they can just make an assessment of our social value and weigh that against the fact that each of us is a polluter by virtue of breathing.  Is that social value great enough to justify the pollution costs of each of us breathing?

There is a very interesting synergy now with the health care reform plan.  The Democrats know very well that their plan is going to require massive rationing of health care.  They know there are not enough doctors to go around, so many of us will be forced to take on nurses and nurse practitioners as primary care givers.  They know there will never be enough tax money to cover all of the expenses.  Indeed, the incoming Medicare tax money will fall below the outgo expenses as early as 2013.  Cutbacks in care are a given.  Some will just have to be allowed to die because their care will be too expensive.  But, the health care legislation pussy foots around the issue of who will be given care and who will not.  They want this legislation passed, so they will have to smuggle in the means to cull the population of the weak and the non-contributors.  They will want to preserve the right-minded, no make that the left-minded, elitists, but let the mere People who cling to their guns and their religion go.  But how can they do this?  Don't most Americans still think every life or nearly every life has considerable value?

But just as the regulation of CO2 was never envisioned when the Clean Air Act was passed, its future use in solving the health care funding and rationing problem is not now envisioned.  Well, at least not until this outcast of the Ivy League educated elite realized that it is as of today politically correct to measure the harm of each person's breathing CO2 emissions against their social value.  If that social value, by the standards of the socialist elitists is not sufficiently high, then the medical care plug can be pulled.  They have a civic duty, a duty even to Mother Earth, to pull the plug on any nasty polluter who cannot pay for the right to emit CO2 with a valid permit granted by a government panel of experts using EPA provided pollution guidelines, Department of Labor guidelines for service value, and medical experts estimates of the cost of medical care.

If medical care is needed, it is denied if the harm of breathing out CO2 exceeds the social value.  Let us suppose the social value exceeds the harm of breathing.  Then guidelines have to establish how the harm of medical costs is added to the harm of breathing and that sum must not be higher than the person's social value as perceived by an "objective" government socialist minion elitist panel.  The government now has a great means to lower medical expenditures, since every penny of cost assigned to those who pollute by breathing is  pennies saved in medical costs.

Let us suppose the government says it cannot afford to spend more than $27,000 a year to extend a life by a year.  Lots of people will be very upset that Granny is only worth $27,000 per year to our government.  But, suppose the government tells us that Granny is worth $50,000 per year, but as a polluter by breathing, she costs us $23,000 a year.  Now, they can allow Granny to die and avoid spending $50,000 a year to keep her alive, while claiming she is worth $50,000 per year to them.  All those who care about Granny will say, "Oh yeah, I can understand why Granny's health care is rationed at $50,000 a year.  If she costs more than that, it is OK to pull the plug on Granny."  So now, the government never actually has to spend more than $27,000 a year to extend Granny's life by a year, but they can tell the stupid People that Granny is so important to them that she is worth $50,000 a year!

This is the ultimate win-win situation.  Look at all the special interests you can make happy and beholden to you, the politician:
  • The caring people who think everyone must have medical insurance coverage.
  • The labor unions controlling the Dept. of Labor who assess everyone's social value.  People will be crazy to volunteer for labor union sanctioned projects to build up their social value quotient.
  • Hack doctors who want a government position free from medical malpractice suits.
  • Those who want to cull the population of excessive numbers of people in the name of the environment and climate tuning.
  • The taxpayers who cannot otherwise afford government-run health care.
  • All those who think Granny is worth $50,000 a year, but would be offended to hear that she was really only worth $27,000 a year.
So Obama can now not only impress the socialist leaders of other countries at Copenhagen by telling them that he had the EPA declare CO2 a pollutant, but he can also tell them he feels so strongly about catastrophic anthropogenic global warming and the environment that he is also committing to sacrificing, say, 1,000,000 additional Grannies a year.  Then he can pose solemnly and ask, "How many of your Grannies will each of your countries contribute to the cause of fighting AGW a year?"

Yes, it is now clear that Grannycide is the only way to go if you are environmentally conscious!  Where is your commitment?

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