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03 December 2009

Obama's Job Creation Summit

This is really a funny event.  Obama has gathered together some executives from large companies, government Labor and Commerce Department people, and his ever popular labor union leaders for a jobs creation conference.  After taxing small business owners to death and wanting to tax them still more beyond the grave, after threatening everyone with energy restrictions under the ridiculous claim that CO2 is a pollutant causing catastrophic man-made global warming, after telling businessmen in industry after industry that he has a Marxist hatred for them, after threatening to saddle companies with new health care expenses, after a Stimulus Package that creates no private sector jobs, after threatening business contracts and property, and after making all investment decisions a roll of the dice, Obama is having a job creation conference.  Is he admitting finally that he who sits at the feet of every Marxist professor he can find in college has no idea how the economy works?

Indeed, he does not.  Including labor union leaders in such a meeting flies in the face of its purpose: job creation.  Labor union leaders are experts in one thing related to jobs: killing them.  This is why private sector employees have been avoiding labor unions now for decades.  They have come to understand this.  This is also why the labor union bosses so badly need card check.  Without intimidation, they cannot force private sector employees to join the unions.

The executives of large businesses are not really interested in spurring job creation either.  The large businesses do not hire many people.  It is small businesses that hire most people.  So, if a large business executive were to spur more jobs in the economy in general, he is doing more to grow his competition, the lean and mean small companies who are always trying to make inroads in his product and service areas.  The big businessman usually fears small business.  The last thing he wants to do is to help them grow.

With 15.7 million Americans unemployed, this jobs summit should have an easy job creating new jobs.  There are plenty of sufficiently skilled and interested potential employees available for hire.  All we need is for large numbers of small business owners to gain the means and the confidence to hire them.  Within a framework of Marxist theory, there is no way to motivate the small businessmen to hire.  No, it would require Capitalist theory to understand what government actions and inactions are needed to spur job creation.  The answers are tried and true.  Most small businessmen can tell you what is needed.  They just need these very simple encouragements:
  • No new payroll taxes.
  • No threats to take down their businesses when they die with a death tax.
  • Lower individual income taxes for higher income brackets.  Finally come to understand that the net government revenues increase with lower upper bracket income tax rates than those we presently have, while encouraging growth of the economy.  The onlyreason for higher rates is to punish the rich.
  • Remove the minimum wage laws or at least lower the minimum wage.
  • Stop increasing unemployment insurance rates.
  • Control Workmen's Compensation Insurance costs with tort reform.
  • Do not raise the cost of health insurance as ObamaCare will certainly do.
  • Do not increase energy costs and lower energy reliability as carbon cap and trade or the EPA's plan to declare CO2 a pollutant will do.
  • Do not threaten businesses with union takeovers as card check will do.
  • Cut back on government spending so investment capital is available for the private sector.
  • Lower corporate income taxes, so American companies can compete with companies abroad, almost all of which now have lower taxes than do American corporations.
  • Reduce barriers to trade.  Simplify both import and export laws and regulations.
  • Understand that Medicare and Social Security will both be turning in their IOUs in just a very few years and that increasing payroll taxes on them at that time will kill many jobs.
  • Reduce the burdens of government regulations, instead of constantly increasing them.
  • End subsidies that distort the markets into inefficient activities.
  • Allow the drilling of oil and gas fields in the US and its offshore waters.
  • Sell off much of the federal lands which are not being used productively, so that private owners can use them productively.  Use the income to reduce government tax rates.
  • Encourage the states to stop business discouraging activities, such as those common in California, New York, Michigan, and Ohio to name a few.
OK, so if we saw Obama and the Democrat Congress doing these things, rather than the opposite in every case, we small businessmen would be hiring people instead of firing them.  As long as Obama and his cadres of comrades refuse to recognize these basic factors in the economy, there is simply no justification for companies to hire.  It is all very simple, if you are not a childish, Marxist blockhead.

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