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18 December 2009

The American Physical Society is Reviewing its Position on Catastrophic AGW

After many members of the American Physical Society (APS) objected that it was not clear that there is a catastrophic anthropogenic global warming crisis looming, the APS leadership has decided to review its policy on that hypothesis.  More recently, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and other professional scientific organizations sent a letter to the members of the Senate claiming that their organizations support the need for immediate action to prevent a crisis due to man's production of CO2 from fossil fuel use.  A new letter from 162 members of the APS was then sent to Senators telling them that these members did not support the catastrophic AGW hypothesis.  Some of the signers of this letter are also members and fellows of AAAS and noted that they were not polled for their opinions on the issue by AAAS.  The letter also notes that as far as they knew, the other 17 scientific organizations signing the letter with AAAS did not poll their members either.

Members of the American Chemical Society (ACS) have also complained that they have not been polled by ACS and yet ACS signed the same letter of support for immediate action on AGW with the AAAS.  Members have also been complaining that the C&EN Magazine sent to all members editorially supports catastrophic AGW.

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