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09 October 2009

The Nobel Socialist Cheering Award

In 1938, Sir Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister of Great Britain, and Edouard Deladier, Prime Minister of France reached an agreement with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini that Germany should take over the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia.  The response of most people was that war had been avoided and a lasting peace was attained by this agreement.  I expect the only reason the Nobel Peace Prize was not awarded to Chamberlain and Deladier and perhaps also to Hitler and Mussolini was the timing.  The agreement was made on 29 September 1938.  If Peace Prize announcements were made then in early October, as now, Chamberlain and Deladier would not have had time to be nominated for the prize in time.  So, they would have been given the prize in 1939, but for one small problem.  The invasion of Poland by Germany on 1 September 1939 would have ended any possibility of Chamberlain and Deladier winning the Nobel Peace Prize of 1939.  But if Germany had waited until 1940 to invade Poland, they may very well have won the prize in 1939, especially if the people now on the selection committee were on it then!

Let's look at some of the supposedly distinguished winners of this prize:

2001  The United Nations and Kofi Annan
2002  Jimmy Carter
2005  International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohamed ElBaradei
2007  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Al Gore
2009  Barack Hussein Obama

The United Nations is awash in corruption, kowtows to kleptomaniacs, dictators, and socialist regimes, and subverts the rights of the individual while pretending to support a long list of human rights, which are not rights at all.  Annan was deeply immersed in the corruption and all of these faults.

Jimmy Carter has time after time affirmed corrupted elections and generally given his approval to any socialist government no matter how much harm they bring to their people.  He is an appeaser and often times a lunatic.  For instance, he was one of the many leftists who recently claimed that much of the opposition to Obama was due to racism.  He is fond of picturing the United States as a mean and cruel country which tramples the rights of other nations.

The International Atomic Energy Agency and its head Mohamed ElBaradei have been extensively criticized for ineffective and weak operations by American experts.  They seem to have accomplished almost nothing.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Al Gore are best known for the terribly untrue science they have pedaled, while backing an ever greater intrusion of governments and international groups of governments into our affairs.  No wonder the socialist applauded them.

The award just given to Barack Hussein Obama has one and only one basis.  He has accomplished nothing of note for world peace.  But, he has apologized to everyone for any imagined hurt, mostly hurt feelings due to inadequacy, that any country, no matter how dictatorial and cruel, may have felt.  He consistently chooses to placate every other nation, while prostrating America.  This sends shivers of ecstasy down the leg of any committed socialist and world government enthusiast.

Obama correctly says he has not yet done anything worthy of this award.  Well, actually one does not have to do anything worthy of a prize for promoting peace to win this prize.  That is clear from the list of winners of the award above.  He has been given the prize as an incentive to continue prostrating America and its interests to those of the many socialist, dictatorial, and kleptocratic countries of the world.  He has said he is determined to earn the award with his future actions.  I believe Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize Committee are on the same page.  He will indeed earn the prize in terms of its America-prostrated purpose.

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Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

I have just read an excellent post by Robert Tracinski on TIA Daily on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize called The Nobel Prize for Moral Posturing - Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is a Joke. He recounts the story of how Yasser Arafat was given the Nobel Peace Prize in an attempt to influence his future actions. It did not work. He quotes Lech Walensa, the 1983 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, who really did deserve the award. Walensa says it is his opinion that the award to Obama is meant to influence his future actions also.

Tracinski recounts the legacy of Jimmy Carter's weakness in foreign policy and its lingering effects 30 years down the pike. He suggests a number of specific foreign policy decisions the Nobel Peace Prize Committee might have been trying to influence Obama on.

He concludes: "This is what the Nobel Peace Prize really stands for: irresponsible moral posturing in the service of the leftist delusion that appeasement will bring peace, when all it really brings is more war. Come to think of it, that makes Barack Obama the perfect recipient."