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02 October 2009

ObamaCare Carries One-Year Prison Term

According to Steve Elliott, President of the Alliance, the individual mandate is both unconstitutional and represents a government takeover of the medical industry and each and every individual's health care. I have been pointing this out for a long time, but it is great to see others joining me in this opinion. He agrees with me that the government option is not needed for the government to gain control of our health care.

He also points out that the penalty in the Democrat bills for refusing to comply with the unconstitutional mandate to purchase health insurance approved by the government is a fine of up to $25,000 or 1 year in jail. Since it is also the case that if you have health insurance coverage through your spouse, but your employer is not paying for it, then the employer is subject to fines. If the employer refuses to pay such a fine, does this mean the employer is subject to the same $25,000 fine or 1 year in jail? I expect so.

I hope you will all remember me when I am in jail. At least my colleagues and employees will probably remember, as they will likely be on the streets in evil times looking for employment. Oh, how wonderful the Change Obama promised is!!!! Knuckle under or to the Gulag you go!!!!! One must break a few eggs to create the socialist omelet.

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