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20 October 2009

Carol Browner -- Climate Czar and the Socialist International Commission for a Sustainable World Society

Obama's Climate Czar is one of 14 members, as of January 2009 in any case, of the Socialist International Commission for a Sustainable World Society.  She has taken a very active role in turning the EPA into the agency regulating the use of all fossil energy on the fictitious grounds that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.  Does she have ulterior motives in gaining control of American industry, our homes, our business buildings, and our transportation through our use of energy?  Of course, she does.  She will use this power and control to transform America into a thoroughly socialist country dependent upon government approval for any action taken by any private individual or business pertaining to their movement, their comfort in their home or place of business, their use of energy in communications and the exercise of the freedom of speech, and their manufacturing of anything at all.  She also has an agenda to subordinate the United States of American to a Socialist World Government.

Needless to say, this means the complete subversion of the sovereign rights of the individual and of the U.S. Constitution, our great document and the supreme law of the land, intended to protect the rights of the individual.  She was Clinton's EPA Director and now she is Obama's Socialist-in-Charge of Climate.  Is there any doubt of the inseparability of the Democrats from Socialism?  Isn't Obama's strong commitment to its promulgation completely obvious?  I really do not see how this escapes anyone's attention.

Obama has surrounded himself with committed socialists and made many of them Czars or Commissars so he does not have to subject these determined socialists to the Senate for approval.  That is not because the Senate would not approve them.  It would.  But the process of seeking the Senate's approval would have earlier revealed that many of Obama's people were unusually committed socialists.  It would also have been a slight embarrassment to the Senators that they had had to approve of these people.  It could be used against them in upcoming elections.  It is so much wiser to hide their pasts and yet give them great power as Commissars.

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