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15 July 2009

Why is Obama Opposed to Honduran Constitutional Government?

Obama, Clinton, Chavez and his allies are all adamant that Honduran President Manuel Zelaya should be returned to power in Honduras, where they claim he was deposed by a military coup. It turns out that he violated the Honduran constitution in numerous cases and the courts and the Honduran Congress ordered the military to remove him from office and exile him. An excellent commentary by Mary Anastasia O'Grady on this situation was published in 13 July in The Wall Street Journal.

As Robert Tracinski has pointed out in his TIA Daily commentary, it seems that Obama's foreign policy is consistently characterized by his being for anything which is against America's interest and indifferent or opposed to everything which is in its interest. It is clearly in our interest that democratic and constitutional government in Honduras shall survive, so he is opposed to it. It is clearly in our interest for the Iranian people to gain control of their government and take that control from nuclear weapon developing aggressors and despots seeking world chaos. Yet, Obama is indifferent to the cause of the Iranian people to the point that he made no favorable response until overwhelming American opinion forced him to say something in support of the Iranian people. Similarly, during the election, he would not speak out against the Russian invasion of Georgia. He has been weak in opposition to Iran's development of nuclear weapons and also with respect to North Korea. He has also been weak on Hamas and with respect to Russia. He has given up our defensive missile shield to be built in the Czech Republic and Poland to appease Russia.

He said that the U. S. started the global recession, which is not true. He has tried to commit the U.S. to very hurtful reductions in energy use for the purpose of making a small contribution to saving the planet from CO2 caused boiling, which clearly is not happening or going to happen in any case. He has greatly indebted the nation and wants to increase taxes greatly, both of which will cripple our ability to compete in world markets. He actually thinks this is a good thing. He wants us to be less a factor in the world economy, because he thinks we are and have been some kind of imperialist nation overdue for a lesson in humility. He wishes to have our law and our Constitution become subservient to international law and the dictates of the motley regimes of the United Nations. He wants the U. S. to submit to international taxation by creating cartels of nations favoring heavy government spending and increases in the influence of government over their private sectors, while all agreeing to increase taxes and eliminating tax havens. He has been effective in counteracting the earlier trend to tax reductions in country after country with great growth in their economies resulting. He is indifferent to Israel, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Poland and other allies.

In international affairs, Obama is for whatever is against America's interest and indifferent or opposed to anything which is in our interest.

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