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11 July 2009

Who Elects These People to Congress?

Representative Alcee Hastings introduced an amendment to the defense authorization bill to give Attorney General Eric Holder, a man of truly dubious judgment, the sole discretion to decide if groups opposing government policy on abortion, guns, immigration, state's rights, and much more were domestic terrorist or hate groups. Another Hastings bill (HR 645) would use $360 million to set up at least 6 national emergency centers on military installations to house a large number of people in an emergency or major disaster, or for other appropriate needs. Would an appropriate need be to detain people who believed they had a Second Amendment right to keep a gun?

Alcee Hastings was named by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be the new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, but a rebellion among Democrats prevented that. You see, Hastings was an impeached Florida judge prior to being elected to the House. He was accused of accepting a bribe of $150,000 and impeached by the House. The Senate found him guilty in 1989. He was only the sixth federal judge ever to be found guilty by the Senate. His absurd judgment may not have been enough to keep the Democrats from making him Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, but it was a bit too embarrassing to put him forward given his impeachment as a judge, with subsequent loss of his judicial job.

Alcee Hastings was first elected to the House in 1992 as the representative of the 23rd district of Florida. It appears that the Americans who live in the area of Ft. Lauderdale and North Palm Beach and various places to the west of the beach area are not of sound judgment.

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