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26 July 2009

Rush Limbaugh Believes Obama Intentionally Hurts the Economy

I heard the first part of Greta Van Susteren's interview with Rush Limbaugh Saturday evening. Like me, he thinks that Obama and the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate are consistently wrongheaded. He believes they are clearly more committed to socialism and increasing government power than they are to actually solving the problems they claim to be trying to solve.

Specifically, he referred to the health care insurance plans said to be for the purpose of covering all Americans with health insurance and to control costs as actually being all about control over the lives of Americans. If Obama and his allies were serious about wanting coverage for all, there are much better and cheaper ways to do it, which will also not compromise the quality of health care as badly as the current plan will. It is very obvious that Obama's and the Democrat's motivation is not what they say it is. A nationalized health care system has always been the dream of the socialists and they are not about to not fight hard to get it now that they have unprecedented power in the federal government for the first time in decades. I have made it clear in my posts here that this is my view as well.

Rush also pointed out that the carbon cap and trade bill is mostly just another vehicle for redistributing wealth and income from the wealthy to those who are not wealthy. He pointed out that Obama has a deep-seated dislike for the wealthy. Again, my posts have made it clear that this is my viewpoint also. The man-made global warming rationale for the carbon cap and trade is just a cover, which they cannot defend scientifically, so they defend it on a religious basis as the necessary justification for the usurpation of power from the people to control the people in many new ways. The socialists always dream of power over the people and they keep searching reasons to make our Constitution subservient to international ruling bodies. Anthropogenic global warming (AGW) seemed just the tool for these purposes and it is most unfortunate that the science backing AGW is now clearly evaluated as bad.

Rush, as I have done, pointed out that the way to create jobs is to reduce taxes and government regulations. This is clearly the only way to stimulate the economy and it has been proven to work time and time again. It also begins working the moment the taxes are cut, or even the moment it is clear that the taxes will be cut. I have gone further and pointed out that even during the presidential campaign and before when the Democrats looked likely to take over the government, their threat to increase taxes was already slowing down the economy. Rush said he believes that Obama and the Democrats are trying to kill employment, since that will make people worry more about health insurance and make them favor his nationalization plan for medical care. He may be right about this. I do believe that it is quite likely that some dyed-in-the-wool Democrat socialists would not hesitate to break some eggs (encourage high unemployment) to get what they consider sush a gem of the socialist dream. In particular, Obama is clearly such a committed socialist, as is Nancy Pelosi also.

So, I am giving Rush Limbaugh three cheers!

Good for Rush. I am glad to have him on the same page with me. The Democrat leadership in the White House and the Congress is not just wrong, it is not just wrongheaded, but it is frankly the heart of evil. At every opportunity, it is adamant that it will quash the rights of the individual in the name of collective socialism. There is no hesitancy on their part and we must have no hesitancy in realizing that we are up against a highly motivated and committed foe who want to wrest control of our lives from us. Hold on to your life with two hands and never let go!

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