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13 October 2010

Solar Power Increased Cost for German Electricity

Both the federal government and many of the state governments are mandating much increased use of so-called renewable power such as solar and wind generated electricity.  We should be very aware of the costs of doing this.  Germany has gone far down this road.  What are the results in Germany?

Germany makes Germans pay high levies on their electricity bills to pay people to invest in offshore wind turbines and roof-mounted solar panels.  These levies are guaranteed for 20 years.  Offshore wind turbine generated electricity is supported with a levy of $0.21 per kilowatt-hour and roof-mounted solar panels are given $0.46 per kilowatt-hour!  As a result, Germans have rushed to put solar panels on their roofs and the levies paid for wind, solar, and hydro power will be $11.3 billion this year, which is a 55% increase from last year.  About 8 gigawatts of new solar panel installations are projected for this year.  This is the electricity output of 4 large nuclear power plants, or would be if the sun always shone brightly in Germany 24 hours a day.  Those installing solar panels after this summer, will be paid 16% less for the electricity they produce.

The result is that on a German's electric bill, taxes and levies are now 41% of the bill and that percentage has been climbing rapidly.  VZBV, the German consumer association, says the solar panels installed in 2010 alone will cause additional electricity charges of $36 billion over the next 20 years.  Similar mandated renewable energy is constantly being advocated by Democrats, our version of socialists, in the U.S.  Our costs, especially if you live in California, have been cranked up as a result also.  Texas and Colorado are other states where the cost of electricity has been cranked upward significantly.  Read more about this here.

Incurring these increased energy costs is pointless.  Political central planners are frightening people around the world with stories of almost immediate failures of our energy supplies and catastrophic man-made global warming which require us to turn to incredibly expensive renewable energy.  The renewal they are talking about is apparently the renewed poverty of people around the world, who have often been improving their standards of living recently.  Their improved standard of living is offensive to Democrats and will be greatly impeded by nonsensical requirements to drive energy costs sky-high in accordance with the otherworldly dreams of Obama, Pelosi, Waxman, Markey, and others of the lunatic fringe of American socialist politics.

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