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04 October 2010

The Pro-Democrat and Socialism Washington Rally

Take a look at these photos from the pro-Democrat and Socialism rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, 2 October 2010.  They make clear the widespread open advocacy of Socialism and the determined anti-capitalism of many, many participants.  Notice the lack of handmade individualistic signs and the many manufactured, on-message signs of the sponsoring organizations who also provided many demonstrators with free bus fare, free Metro tickets, and food.  Afterward, notice the incredible amount of trash left strewn across the grass, which none of the Tea Party rallies I have been to has done.  We have always left the demonstration areas remarkably clean.  This surely indicates the sense of entitlement that socialists feel.  Why should they be bothered by carrying their signs home or putting them into trash cans?  It is easier to just drop them and leave the problem for someone else to take care of.  Just one of many indications of the ugliness of socialism and its believers.

I wonder that anyone is ever attracted to socialism.  The philosophy behind it is so childish, so full of envy, materialism, and factional divisiveness and hatred that I just cannot see its appeal.  Yet, it has a strong hold on the Democrat Party.  I believe the reason is that socialist motivational claims are needed to justify the big government and social engineering central ideas of the Democrats and because the Socialists are always relentlessly seeking power, they soon take up most of the positions as the foot soldiers and advisers to the Democrat political front men and women.  Over the years, virtually every Democrat politician has become very comfortable with these foot soldiers and advisers and more and more, they have come to think just like them, even as they maintain an appearance of being respectful of American values.  Since Obama has taken office, that appearance of respect has slipped.  More and more, being filled with a sense of their power and how unstoppable they were, the Democrat leaders made it clear they had no respect for the Constitution and its limits on their power.  They also made it clear that they were an aristocratic elite who were needed to correct our poor choices of our own values and to manage our lives, which they were sure we did badly as well.  In other words, they made it clear that they had no respect for the American People, who they said sadly and pathetically clung to their guns, religions, and prejudices.

Many American voters who vote for these useful idiot Democrat politicians do so because they just cannot imagine the evil of the people behind the scenes who largely control them.  When the Democrats in our Congress in these recent sessions voted to pass major, life-changing bills they had not read, who do you think wrote these bills and did read them?  It was those controlling advisers and foot-soldiers highly committed to socialism!  They are the ones who knew what the bills were about and what their long-term purpose is.  They are the ones who understand how the Obama-Pelosi-Reid strategy, which was really theirs, will prepare the way for an ever-enlarged government which will respond to every failure of newly imposed socialism with a proposal to fix the problem with more socialism.  Soon, the problem will be fixed as well as it was in Castro's Cuba, in Stalin's USSR, and in Mao's China.

Unless we are truly awake to their threat against our individual rights and our lives and vote their useful idiot political front men and women out in the November 2010 and 2012 elections, that is.  It is all up to the American People to defend their own liberties, their rights, and their lives by forcing the politicians to return to constitutional law-making within their very limited powers.  There is no Democrat who understands this and has the courage to stand up in the fight against the socialists.  Yes, there are some Republicans who are hardly the stout defenders of individual rights they ought to be, but many of them will have some use as useful idiots in the meantime and we will replace them in future elections.  We have made a start by eliminating many of them in the Republican primaries already in this election go-around.  We will replace many more of them in the 2012 election in the primaries as well.  This crusade to revive American ideals will require our high-level attentiveness for many years and more attention than Americans had given it for about 100 years forever into the future.

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