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07 October 2010

Repealing ObamaCare and the Senate Races of 2010

Updated 11 Oct 2010:  Only changed race is the New York Senate seat becoming Likely DEM, rather than Leans DEM.

If the tyrannical ObamaCare takeover of our lives and very bodies is to be repealed, it is essential to establish a super-majority of Republicans in the Senate by the time of the 2012 election.  That super-majority combined with a Republican President will be able to repeal ObamaCare.  But, barely more than a third of the Senate seats come up for election every two years, so this 2010 election cycle is absolutely critical for getting halfway to the goal of 60 Republican Senators.  Yes, it is possible that 58 Republican Senators and a couple of awakened and fearful Democrat Senators might allow the repeal of ObamaCare, but it never pays to count on the rationality of a Democrat on a political issue.  They commonly hold completely nonsensical viewpoints on welfare, spending, the role and size of government, redistribution of income and wealth, minimum wage laws, energy mandates, catastrophic man-made global warming, central planning, and anything to do with the economy and business.

Let us list the current evaluation of the Senate races in play from RealClearPolitics:

Likely DEM:
Delaware, D, High Tax Marxist Running for Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Christine O'Donnell
Oregon, D, Wyden, Republican Candidate: Jim Huffman
New York, D, Gillibrand, Republican Candidate: Joe DiGuardi

Leans DEM:
Connecticut, D, Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Linda McMahon

California, D, Boxer, Republican Candidate: Carly Fiorina
Colorado, D, Bennet, Republican Candidate: Ken Buck
Illinois, D, Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Mark Kirk
Nevada, D, Reid, Republican Candidate: Sharron Angle
Washington, D, Murray, Republican Candidate: Dino Rossi
West Virginia, D, Open, Republican Candidate: John Raese

Leans GOP:
Kentucky, R, Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Rand Paul
Missouri, R, Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Roy Blunt
New Hampshire, R, Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Kelly Ayotte
Pennsylvania, D, Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Pat Toomey
Wisconsin, D, Feingold, Republican Candidate: Ron Johnson

Likely GOP:
Alaska, R, Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Joe Miller
Florida, R, Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Marco Rubio
Indiana, D, Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Dan Coats
Louisiana, R, Vitter, Republican Candidate: David Vitter
North Carolina, R, Burr, Republican Candidate: Richard Burr
Ohio, R, Open Seat, Republican Candidate: Rob Portman

It would be a very good investment in your freedom and that of those you love to contribute as much campaign money as you can to the Republican candidates in the Toss-Up and Leans GOP or Leans DEM races.

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