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08 April 2010

Some Gutless Republican Senators on ObamaCare Repeal

There are reports that Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee says that the repeal of ObamaCare is "just not going to happen."  Senator John Cornyn of Texas says the Republicans should try to change the "misplaced priorities of Democrats."  The milquetoast U.S. Chamber of Commerce is once again showing its yellow stripe by advising a "more effective approach to minimizing its harmful impacts."  And Paul Kirk, the Republican Senate candidate in Illinois, who was once strong on repealing the ObamaCare bill, is now easing off.  These are the Summer Soldiers of the second American Revolution.  If they do not stiffen their backbones, we need to find replacements for them.  We must have Winter Soldiers who will hold the line when the tyrant's forces charge with fixed bayonets, as the socialists will do.

Anything less then the complete repeal of this nightmare bill for our liberties is acceptable.  This is a matter of the most dire consequence for our ownership of our very bodies, the health of our loved ones, the ability of our nation to pay its bills, and the avoidance of further crushing taxes on us as individuals, such as the proposed VAT tax.  Any Republican who is not enthusiastically on-board with the Repeal the Bill Revolution is a roadblock to patriots and those who believe in the most fundamental American principle of individual rights.  These militia men who flee before the first round is fired in the battle must be bulldozed out of the way with extreme contempt.

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