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24 April 2010

Can a State Government Even Feed its Legislature?

While trying to look up the size of the House cafeteria which Pelosi has just had new LED light fixtures installed in at a cost of $140,000 with a so-called less than 10-year payback time, I stumbled across an article noting that the vendor, Aramark, holding the Pennsylvania State House contract to run its cafeteria service has failed another of a series of food-serving safety inspections.

The Liberals (Progressives, Socialists) and some others are constantly seeking to have governments at all levels expand their powers and the scope of their control over the lives of the People.  Usually, this is with the claim that private citizens or the private sector has had a failure of some sort.  Yet, they are never deterred in the least by the much greater number of failures of government or by the degree to which those failures are cemented in place by institutions.  Failures in the private sector usually result with individuals trying again with a lesson learned or a voluntary association such as a corporation either righting itself or being replaced by a younger and more nimble company which has done a better job of learning from its mistakes.  But, government just keeps plowing along, making the same mistakes over and over and never learning a thing.  The fact that Aramark is still running the Pennsylvania State House cafeteria is a fine micro-example.

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