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07 April 2010

Check Out PJTV, Please

PJTV is a relatively new source of information on the Internet with a strong individual rights message and much good reporting.  Bill Whittle, Steven Green, Scott Ott, Joe Hicks, Yaron Brook, Andrew Klavan, Crowder, Dana Loesch, Dr. Peter Weiss, Glenn Reynolds, Sonja Schmidt, and Roger L. Simon are among the many commentators and reporters on PJTV.  This is a group with a pretty consistent pro-individual rights and free market message.  I really appreciate their work.

Here is a message from Bill Whittle in his Afterburner program on why and how we should support the Tea Party movement and the general re-awakening of the people for more limited government and for our individual rights.  This is not a typical program, but it does display the viewpoint of PJTV pretty well.  Of course, most commentaries are on a more specific current issue.  Most are lively, fun, and many are funny.

I hope you will watch a number of their programs and that if you like them, you will subscribe and support this very wonderful attempt to make a more libertarian viewpoint available to the People.  I have been impressed with its quality and the rate of expansion has been quite surprising.  That is probably because it is meeting a great need.  The Tea Party movement has fed a desire in many people for a new viewpoint on our freedoms and government, and PJTV is providing that.  Fox News is at least not consistently anti-individual rights and anti-free markets, but its reporters and commentators offer a mix of many viewpoints.  This is not bad, but those of us who understand the real issues and want our government to pursue a consistent policy of protection for the equal, sovereign, and unalienable rights of the individual will find a TV news-like supplement such as PJTV a more concentrated and consistent source of the news of interest to us.


disinter said...

These are the same bozos that kept kicking Ron Paul off their polls because we was winning them.

Charles R. Anderson, Ph.D. said...

disinter: I am not familiar with the issues on those polls. Were these the kind of polls which a few enthusiasts can vote many times and skew the results. If so, Ron Paul sure seems to have such enthusiastic followers that they might do that.

Ron Paul has many good principles, but he often lacks the depth of knowledge and the perception to correctly and wisely apply them. Living in the Washington area as I do, I have had the opportunity to discuss a number of issues over the years with members of his congressional staff. They seem characteristically to have the same problem. They are always very enthusiastic about Ron Paul and they have a relatively good set of principles, but the complexity of the real world is a bit overwhelming for them and they cannot figure out how to apply their principles to determining the best action to take in many cases. This is not to say that they are bad compared to many other political elements, but only that it is disappointing that so many people with good principles are not able to make better use of them.