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27 April 2010

Andrew Klavan on Culture

One of the regulars on PJTV is Andrew Klavan, with his feature Klavan on Culture.  I find him pretty consistently funny as he pokes fun at the absurdities of the left.  In one recent show he reiterated a series of the untruths, which used to be called lies, that Obama has treated the docile and dumb peasants of the United States to.  Klavan noted after a few of the whoppers that Obama might as well have promised that he would "put a garage in the cheek of a caterpillar's bazooka" for all the meaning of his promises.  In another episode, he noted that the New York Times is the paper of record and prints all the news that fits, after making it clear that they only print the news that fits the socialist agenda.  He is quite entertaining and he does pack some real substance into his monologues. 

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