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01 November 2009

September Unemployment by Region and State

I have an interest in regional and state unemployment levels since I believe these levels are often indicative of government mandated policies, either pro-business or anti-business.  These rates are now available for through the end of September.  There are regional, geographical divisions (9 in the regions), and state unemployment numbers.  The national unemployment rate at the end of September was 9.8%, well above Obama's promised 8.0%.

By Region:

West, 10.6%
Midwest, 9.8%
South, 9.3%
Northeast, 9.0% [Most of the TARP money went here and much of the Stimulus Socialist Payoff Money]

By Geographical Division (Partial List):

Pacific, 11.6% [Bad business climate, few Obama Payoff Channels]
East North Central, 11.0% [Bad business climate]
East South Central, 10.4%
West South Central, 7.9%

The Highest Unemployment States:

Michigan, 15.3% [Cash for Clunkers did not do so much.]
Nevada, 13.3% [Harry Reid does not deliver what Nevada needs, private land.]
Rhode Island, 13.0% [Democrat socialist lock here for ages, bad influence of Brown University]
California, 12.2% [Over regulated and mandated expensive electricity]
South Carolina, 11.6% [Governor flies to Argentina and brings back no business?]
Oregon, 11.5% [Vote for Obama does not pay their bills?]
DC, 11.4% [High taxes, over-regulated, school holding pens, only good for lobbyists]
Florida, 11.0% [With home and 401K values down, no one retires?]
Kentucky, 10.9%
North Carolina, 10.8% [They deserve it, they voted for Obama.]
Alabama, 10.7%
Illinois, 10.5% [It does not pay to be crooked.]
Tennessee, 10.5% [Government-run TVA, Gore uses all the electricity]
Georgia, 10.1%

The Lowest Unemployment States:

North Dakota, 4.2% [Good business attitude, allow oil & gas development]
South Dakota, 4.8% [Good business climate]
Nebraska, 4.9%
Utah, 6.2% [Mormans work]
Oklahoma, 6.7% [Anderson Clan produces]
Iowa, 6.7% [Corn subsidies, ethanol subsidies?]
Virginia, 6.7% [Better paid Federal workers live here, good business climate]
Vermont, 6.7% [Dean delivers the payola?]
Wyoming, 6.8% [Good business climate]
Kansas, 6.9%
Colorado, 7.0% [Good business climate]

Well folks, it appears that the People of the Flyover States are better managers of the economy than are the elitist socialists of California, Illinois, Michigan, and the Northeast!  Unemployment went up 0.5% in Illinois in September over August.  The Pacific geographical area had the biggest one-year increase in unemployment of 4.2%.  Michigan had the biggest state increase in the last year of 6.4%, followed by Harry Reid's state of Nevada with a 6.0% increase.  Meanwhile, the record holder for the smallest increase in unemployment was the stalwart North Dakota.  Amazing what a good business climate and some oil and gas field development can do for a state economy!

The bottom line is that if a state has a good business climate, its unemployment rate in hard times will probably be decidedly lower than in the states with a bad business climate.

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