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06 November 2009

Donna Edwards, Socialist Democrat, 4th Congressional District of Maryland

Donna Edwards is a thorough-going socialist who is in her first full term in the House as the Representative of the district I am unfortunately gerrymandered into.  She took over for a guy who stepped down not long after he was elected, who was having problems with the local Democrats because he had some economic and business sense.  Until recently, I could go to Edward's website and leave an e-mail comment on what I thought government policy should be.  No longer.  She takes no e-mails at all.  Instead, you can sign up to be surveyed and someone from her office will call you, if they ever feel like doing so.  When you sign up for the survey calls, you are also signing up for her newsletter.  In other words, it is her job to inform us and to tell us what to do.  It is not her job to listen to us and what we think.

At the moment, her website informs us that there are 47 million uninsured people who cannot afford health insurance.  That is well-known to be a false statement.  She cites many numbers for many things, so one would hope she has looked into the issue of the 47 million uninsured at least a wee bit.  If she has, then she is simply lying to her constituents.

By the way, one of the principal reasons why we need an universal health insurance system, according to her, is because one-quarter of all women will at some point in their life be the victim of domestic violence.  She says some private insurers will not cover such problems (whether injuries or counseling, she does not say) because they say this is a pre-existing condition.

I have been married for 36 years and I have never hit my wife, but because some guy has hit his wife, I am to be subjected to the tyranny of an universal, government mismanaged medical care system.  Donna Edwards probably calls this social justice.

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