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09 November 2009

Fines for Refusing to Document Acceptable Health Insurance to IRS

Apparently, the socialist Democrat Congress is terrified that many Americans are going to refuse to document having an acceptable health insurance plan to the IRS.  Let us take a look at the 1990 page HR 3962 just passed in the House of Socialist Representatives.

If you do not buy one of the very expensive acceptable government health insurance plans, you will be fined $1900.  If you do not pay this fine and you do not prove that you have acceptable insurance, you will be fined $25,000.  If you do not pay this fine, you will be subject to imprisonment for five years and a fine of $250,000.  These penalties are so severe that it appears clear that the socialists are very afraid that many Americans will refuse to go along with this unconstitutional law.  Many will feel they are obliged to stand up for our Constitution, even if they will be fined or sent to jail.  If many do this, this already unpopular plan will crumble.  So, the penalties have to be so severe that all of the Constitution and individual rights defenders will be cowed.  These penalties are indeed so severe that it opens a new chapter in American history.

It is as if King George III had said he was going to draw and quarter any American colonist who rebelled.  Our Socialist Democrats say they will send any rebel to the Gulag and confiscate everything he owns.  This is a strong and blatant statement that they care not a whit for the value of individual lives.  This attitude that many American individualists are expendable, is very close to that of Mao, who is so much admired by so many close to Obama.

Apparently, I will be in the Gulag or dead in 2013, unless the Senate refuses to go along with this draconian tyranny or unless it is repealed subsequent to the elections of 2010 and 2012.  The socialist Democrats must be thrown out of both the House and Senate and the presidency by 2013, or this blog will end and I will be in the Gulag or dead.  That is a bit of a tall order.  I hope the American People are still American enough to be up to it.

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