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10 November 2009

Obama Calls Me a "Tea-bag, Anti-government" Person

When exhorting the numerous reluctant Democrats in the House of Socialist Representatives to vote for the unread Obama-Pelosi 1990-page socialized medicine bill, this tyrant and usurper called those of us who have protested against this socialist government and its many infringements of our sovereign, individual rights, those "tea-bag, anti-government people."

OK, I am opposed to this socialist government.  I am all in favor of a constitutional federal government, which is to say a government of highly limited powers.  I am not an anarchist.

As for tea-bag, that is his idea of being Presidential.  It is clearly meant to invoke the crude sexual put-down so popular among the socialists in which they call Tea Party Protesters, Tea-Baggers or say they are tea-bagging.  Well, such tea-bags as I have, I am just trying to protect from the hungry lips and devouring mouths of Obama and Pelosi.

After all, we the People have a sovereign right to defend and protect our bodies and our property from those who would force themselves upon us, even if they have all the power of government behind them.

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