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12 December 2008

C. Edmund Wright - Blame me for job losses

The fascist left always assumes that private patsies will create jobs which they will be able to claim that they, the politicians, created. C. Edmund Wright points out in "Blame me for the job losses" that the massive loss of 533,000 jobs in November is evidence that small business owners are tiring of being patsies who cast pearls at the feet of the socialist swine politicians. The backbreaking taxes and regulations anticipated from an Illinois politician-run White House and a massively socialist Congress are having a very negative impact already on business. Small business owners, who actually are the ones who create most jobs, have stopped hiring and started firing employees. Some are simply going out of business. Wright is one of those going out of business. This is a well-written article. Go read it, please.

Be fearful, because many an Atlas is now shrugging the burden he has so long struggled to hold securely on his shoulders, while most Americans not only assumed that they have a right to a job, but that it is perfectly fine for them to kick Atlas, who creates the jobs, in the shins. If the world falls on the heads of the shin kickers, who do they have to blame but themselves?

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